4 thoughts on “2019 Somerville Election Results”

  1. Thank You Marianne Walles From the Voters Who Wanted Their Voices Heard

    We appreciate your work and effort and those who believed in you in your campaign. I, for one am grateful as getting to know you and what you stand for is what many of us want from our elected officials. You should be very happy knowing you tried to do a good deed and give people back a say in their government. The city is in great need of someone like you and had they got to know you better the outcome would have been in favor of the people. I for one am not sorry that for the first time ever I have put my name and reputation in a mayor’s race. I wish you the best for your future endeavors whatever they may be. Rest up now, you and those who believe in you need to get recharged. Thanks so very much from all who believe in you and will continue to do so.

  2. Look at these numbers. (Regardless of winners/losers) What a disgrace! Do the people of Somerville know what voting is?? What an election is?? No one votes!!!

    I think it’s time we started teaching Civics classes again to children AND ADULTS!

    For a city that is now “Woke” and prides itself on some pretty cool words like “Inclusiveness” and “Diversity”…. You know, a city that sets the political correctness bar for the rest of the country??? What an ignorant look these numbers portray for such an “in the know” city. That such an advanced group of citizens don’t even have the knowledge or decency to partake in the LAST of our Freedoms. The dumbing down of America is alive and well.

    Here’s another really cool word. “Deplorable”. The numbers above are exactly that!

    1. I never understood that. I have yet to miss voting unless disabled in some way since I turned of age. And the worst of it today is they have more ways of voting now and still can’t make it? I would say more but TimmyC said it first.

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