Somerville News Weekly’s Special People of the Week: The Good People of Victor’s Deli

We want to thank all the good people of Victor’s Deli of Somerville for 37 years of great food and fond memories!

Victor’s Deli, a family owned and operated Italian deli that’s located on Broadway in the heart of Somerville since March of 1982 closed its doors for good this past week.

Thanks for all the years of delicious food and friendly smiles!

We’re hearing that they may still be open for catering services nevertheless they will be sadly missed here in Somerville.

7 thoughts on “Somerville News Weekly’s Special People of the Week: The Good People of Victor’s Deli”

  1. Victor’s was such a great place sorry to it go. Another piece of old Somerville gone but will never be forgotten.

  2. good news, keep up the pressure, arthur. it was your posting that got me thinking that in many places (probably not all) these lanes are going to be a neutron bomb for local business. i haven’t seen followup from the people’s republic of cambridge, but i know business was down when the lanes first went in. question is, did it pick up again or did it stay down?

    1. No, it’s got worse. No more problem going to Mama Lisa at lunch time now. Plenty of parking now. I would like to have seen the city recover from all the closures first and the upcoming closure before starting this. Plus as taxpayers have input. Although as we know they totally ignore what we want. I will be out on Broadway and Temple tonight at 4.30 PM

    1. Not really. The bridge closure killed off much business. They were going to retire at some point but this just speeded up the process. The bus/bike lanes is a problem to Winter Hill and the businesses there probably won’t start to close down until maybe Spring. My belief at this point is that the only hope they may have is a new mayor. And that is looking good right now.

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