4 thoughts on “Somerville Ward 4 Councilor Meeting Sat Oct 12 RE:Bus/Bike Lanes”

  1. They’re holding a community meeting at a liquor store? Is this some kind of a joke? Totally inappropriate.

  2. Wish I had asked Mike Capuano for contact information so I could learn how to get this on the ballot since it has to be done soon. If someone knows how to do this I would appreciate just knowing how to go about it at least. I have tried searching but have yet to run into what I need to do. Thanks.

  3. The meeting just finished up. Councilor Clingan and Brad Rawson were there for the whole meeting. Councilor Stephanie Hirsch stepped in briefly. Mike Capuano came in near the end of the meeting. As expected everybody was outraged over the red bus lanes. No one wants the bus lane. We want it gone was pretty much it. People were given a chance to speak and have their say. At the end Brad had his say and it was they were going to look into and within the next couple weeks they should have a statement. Him and Jesse were being agreeable with the people nicely. Also people were making their voice heard over this. Mike spoke and his idea was to get it on the ballot since they were not printed yet. I did not get if he was going to do this or help or was just offering a suggestion. I heard that the mayor would have to sign this. I would like to thank David Blumsack for providing his place and for the refreshments he served. I apologize as I don’t know the meeting word for word but want to be fair and just say it the way it was.

  4. Please stop the madness remove the red paint it black Boston is number one in congestion in the country Somerville is a gateway to Boston we need less congestion not more with idiling cars

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