Somerville-Politics Gone Wrong by Arthur Moore

Somewhere along the way it has made a U turn. This started out to be that we elected people to work and represent us. Essentially they are our employees. We tell them what to do.

It has turned around to where they tell us what we want and we get told we have to conform to their agenda. This is all wrong and we really need to correct this and essentially put them in their place.

We also need a process where we can review them and if not doing their job be terminated like what is normally done. My best analogy is hiring a painter to paint the kitchen yellow, then coming back to find the living room green because that is what the painter determines what they want and I also have to pay for it.

This is not right. Elections are coming up and we need to put them in their place. Those not doing the job we hire them for should be given their walking papers.

I am not going to tell you who to vote for and what party here. Just we don’t want to hire them for their agenda but ours. The people who pay the taxes and their pay to work for us. And to work for us which is only the right thing to do. I hope before I go that one day someone will step up to actually work for us and do their job.

Election day is coming. Do we have any real choices? Lets get out and vote! I have never missed going unless I was not able bodied. I at least want my say. Even if it is for Blank. One of the few rights we need to use. Just my opinion.

Arthur Moore

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