Somerville Speakup Line: Somerville Safe Injection Sites Bad Idea

By William Tauro

Our good city of Somerville is in severe trouble as this lunatic of our illustrious mayor positions our Somerville people in greater danger of becoming victims of more drug fatalities.

When you enable someone to do something, most people take advantage of it and just do it, not a good idea.

As our mayor is ready to pull the trigger to launch safe injection sites across the city, in reality it is very disturbing to say that this moron is placing more and more people in danger of meeting their deadly faith.

As you will notice in this past Sunday’s article in the Boston Globe, Walpole Chief of Police and member of Massachusetts’s cannabis advisory board John Carmichael displays signs that he isn’t a fan of Somerville Mayor Joe Curtatone’s idea of safe injection sites.

He states his true thoughts of the idiotic ideas of having a safe injection sites in the city and potential problems that may follow.

Curtatone has to realize that when you place something under somebody’s nose like this safe injection sites, that they are more probable to participate then to evaluate. In my opinion the only quick-fix to this and the only longterm fix to this sever problem is education and supported rehabilitation

Even our US Attorney of Massachusetts Andrew Lelling as he quoted to the Boston Globe “The mayor previously discussed his plans with WBUR-FM, prompting a note of caution from Andrew E. Lelling, the US attorney for Massachusetts.”

“Opening a facility for people to inject themselves with heroin and fentanyl is illegal under federal and state law,” Lelling said in a statement. “Barring a change in the Justice Department’s position, if Somerville opens one, federal enforcement will follow.”

“Lelling said he’s “alarmed by the surge in public misinformation about these facilities. Yes, people have died at supervised injection sites — it happened last October, in Ottawa, Canada. No, there is no reliable statistical evidence that these sites do anything to reduce addiction rates, or even overall overdose death rates, since fentanyl and other synthetics have come to dominate the opioid epidemic.”

My only advice to Somerville Mayor Joe Curtatone from this standpoint is to just get a life and use another soapbox platform to grandstand your corrupt campaign instead of putting people’s lives in more danger with your idiotic scemes.

Remember your ABC’s at the polls in November “Anyone But Curtatone!” Even better resign!

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