Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Taylor LACORTE (Unarmed Robbery, Narcotics, False ID Info, RSP)

On 15 August, 2019 at approximately 12:33 a.m. I was assigned to the Uniform Patrol Division car E3. I was dispatched, along with car E2 (Officer Nick Moreira), to Belmont Street at Summer Street for a report of a robbery. The dispatcher stated that a male party was robbed by a white female who fled on a bicycle. At the time of the radio call I was on routine patrol on Belmont Street. In less than one minute I was with the victim and getting a description. The victim (XXXX) told me that he drives for a livery company and was flagged down on Belmont Street by a white female with blonde hair and torn jeans pushing a black bicycle. The victim stated that the suspect asked for a ride to South Boston and the victim livery driver agreed.

After being in the car for approximately two minutes, the suspect told the victim to drive her back to her bicycle. On the way back the suspect told the victim to give her all of his money. At first the victim refused but the female reached into her pocketbook. Because he was in fear that he would be harmed and that the female had an accomplice nearby, the victim gave up his dark blue wallet containing his license, several credit cards and approximately seven-hundred dollars USC that he earned driving. The female then fled in an unknown direction on Summer Street on a black bicycle. The victim tried for 5-10 minutes to locate her then called the police.

As I was talking to the victim, he received an alert on his phone that someone used his American Express Card at CVS Store 240. I notified dispatch and told them that the victim would follow me to the Porter Square CVS. Dispatch also notified Cambridge Police. When we arrived Officer Morreira and I searched the store and the surrounding area with the Cambridge Police but were not able to locate the suspect. I asked the pharmacist if that was Store 240 and he said it was not. I asked if he knew where Store 240 was and a quick check on his computer revealed that it was the CVS in Harvard Square.

The Cambridge Police Officer at Porter Square (Officer Daniel McGinty) asked officers to check the Harvard Square store and the surrounding area. A couple minutes later Officer McGinty told me that they have a suspect detained outside the CVS. I explained the show-up procedure to the victim and asked him to complete the form. After completion I drove him to Harvard Square. On the way there I stressed to him the importance of a positive identification.

As we pulled up there were many people in the area (store patrons and pedestrians). As soon as he saw the suspect he said “That’s her. That’s her.” I asked if he was certain and he said “Yes, that’s her. She robbed me.” I told the Cambridge Officer that located her (Officer David Porter) and he placed her into custody. I note that the female that the victim positively identified was a white female with blonde hair, wearing torn jeans. She also had a black bicycle with her. The Cambridge Police located on her person an American Express Card in the name of XXXX, a driver’s license in the name of XXXX, and driver’s license in the name of XXXX. They also located a receipt from CVS from 12:34 a.m. indicating that she made several purchases including a $100 Visa Gift Card using the victim XXXX American Express Card ending in XXXX. She identified herself as Taylor Lacorte. The Cambridge Police told me that she has a warrant under that name.

The suspect was transported to the Somerville Police Department where she was booked in the usual manner by Lieutenant Diogo Deoliveira. During the booking process she identified herself as XXXX.

Her property was inventoried as part of the booking process. Station Officer James Radochia located several items that do not appear to belong to the suspect including:
1. 5 cell phones
2. An Amazon Prime card in the name of XXXX
3. A “Red Card” in the name of XXXX
4. A driver’s license in the name of XXXX
5. 10 blank checks, 5 credit cards, and a prescription pad in the name of XXXX, XX, XX Hilliard Street Cambridge
6. 2 blank checks, 2 credit cards, and 7 $100 travelers cheques in the name of XXXX, XX Hilliard Street Cambridge
7. 5 activated Visa gift cards in various amounts
8. 2 bottles of Gabapentin (no name on the bottle), a Class E controlled substance
9. 1 bottle of Acetaminophin in the name of XXXX

In addition to the above itmes was 1 plastic bag containing a brownish powder substance believed to be heroin, a Class A controlled substance. Also in the suspect’s possession was of a dark blue wallet, $703.00 USC, the victim’s license, and a blank check in the victim’s name. Officer Christine Bork was called to the station to search the suspect. Inside her pants, in her lower back / upper buttocks, Officer Bork located 10 credit cards in the victim’s name including the American Express Card ending in XXXX.

The E911 operators contacted Cambridge Police and asked if they were aware of any crimes in which XXXX and/or XXXX of XX Hilliard Street were victims. The Cambridge Police stated that on the night of 14 August there was a house break at that address and several items were reported stolen.

The suspect also had in her possession a handwritten paper with the heading “Good heisting CVS locations” with MBTA directions to several CVS locations.

A check of the defendant’s fingerprints revealed that her true name is Taylor Lacorte DOB XXXX. the name she provided at booking was XXXX DOB XXXX.

As this report is being written Cambridge Police informed me that there was a house break that was reported in their city (the victims are XXXX and XXXX). A report (19005815) was filed on 14 August, unsure of when the actual break occurred.

I am filing a criminal complaint against the defendant for:

1. Unarmed Robbery – CH 265 SEC 19
2. Receiving Stolen Property Less Than $1200.00 – CH 266 SEC 60
3. Receiving Stolen Property Less Than $1200.00 – CH 266 SEC 60
4. False ID At Booking – CH 268 SEC 34A
5. Possession Class A Controlled Substance – CH 94C SEC 34
6. Possession Class E Controlled Substance – CH 94C SEC 34

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