LLEGO Boston Launches Physical Training Meetups

To assist candidates in their preparation before they enter a law enforcement academy, the Latino Law Enforcement Group of Boston (LLEGO Boston) will offer a 10-week physical fitness training program from August 17, 2019 through October 24, 2019.

The LLEGO Meetup is led by active law enforcement and civilian volunteers who will mentor young candidates to become physically ready for the high demands of a law enforcement academy. Candidates will be led in exercise on a weekly basis, provided with readiness plans and an ability to meet like-minded professionals. The LLEGO Meetup will be hosted in various city of Boston Parks so that participants can become familiar with neighborhoods. This program is open to all people with an emphasis towards city of Boston residents.

LLEGO Boston was formed in April 2017 to encourage more city of Boston residents to consider law enforcement as a career; to engage in communities to dispel barriers; to promote community policing; to give a voice for Spanish speaking officers and; to lead by example. To date, we have opened lines of communication with our political leaders, have led fund raising to assist the victims of Hurricane Maria and continue to meet with community leaders to build a better Boston.

By offering the PT Meetups, LLEGO Boston will continue to solidify our commitment to the city of Boston and the law enforcement community. There is a nominal fee to join the LLEGO Meetup. For more information or media inquiries please contact Jeanette Origel at llegoboston@gmail.com.

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