Somerville Overcoming Addiction Updates

By JoAnn Rivieccio

Today in 1977 , I celebrated the birth of a child that was one of my most precious creations . Franke was a work of art 7 weeks early 19 inches long and 4 lbs 9 ounces perfect in every way. Franke you are missed everyday you would have be 42 today , Happy Heavenly 32th Birthday son !!! You will forever be remembered as the sunrises and sunsets daily.
Losing a child to illness whether it is and overdose or cancer is very traumatic. I doesn’t get “ better”, there will always be an ache in your heart for your child. When your child dies there is no “getting over it” !!! Yes you will “laugh again” . You’ll enjoy Life again. BUT you will cry every Christmas morning every birthday and sometimes just because. That’s OK , You’ve experienced a wound that will not fully Heal. You loved with your heart and soul, your grief is simply a manifestation that your love is still alive….FOREVER !!!
Today we celebrate your day as a family as usual. With love and conversation of you, our way of keeping you alive !!! We LOVE and MISS YOU …..

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