Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Larry BANKS (Operate MV w/License Revoked as HTO, VCO Poss DW, Larceny Under)

On July 6, 2019, I, Officer Tim Van Nostrand, was on duty and assigned to uniform patrol at Assembly Row. At approximately 2:30pm, Home Depot loss prevention associate XXXX called me to notify me of two shoplifters fleeing. He provided me with a partial Massachusetts license plate of xxx, but could not read the rest due to a tinted license plate cover. XXXX further described the vehicle as a black Mercedes SUV with roof racks. He stated the driver was a black male, and the front passenger was a black female. As I turned onto Revolution Drive (public way) I observed a vehicle matching that description exiting the parking lot and turning toward Grand Union Blvd. Simultaneously, XXXX stated on the phone “it turned right toward Lucky Strike”. Lucky Strike is located on the corner of Grand Union Blvd and Revolution Dr.

I activated my lights and siren, and stopped the vehicle on Grand Union Blvd behind Home Depot, a public way. The operator did not possess a license, but identified himself verbally as Larry Banks of Dorchester. The front passenger was identified with a driver’s license as the registered owner of the vehicle, XXXX. I informed Banks and XXXX that I stopped them on suspicion of larceny from Home Depot, and also for the license plate violation. Banks immediately stated they thought they had paid for the air conditioners, but when confronted left them at the door. XXXX reviewed video footage and observed XXXX and Banks enter the self checkout register. XXXX grabbed the scan gun and rang in one case of water for $3.00. She did not attempt to scan two air conditioners, valued at $578.00. Immediately following scanning the water, she inserted her credit card in a hurried manner. Meanwhile Banks distracted the employee who is assigned to monitor the self checkout registers. XXXX was standing nearby and when XXXX and Banks attempted to exit the store, XXXX identified himself and requested they return to the office. Banks stated “We’re out of here” and left the air conditioners in the vestibule. This location is past all points of purchases.

Banks denied stealing air conditioners and stated he has plenty of money and flashed approximately $2,000. A query of Banks information revealed his license status was revoked due to lack of child support payments and as a habitual traffic offender. Banks also has an open case for shoplifting. XXXX also has a history of shoplifting. I placed Banks under arrest for Larceny under $1,200, Operating after Revocation for HTO, and City ordinance 9/96 for possession of a dangerous weapon. During a pat frisk, a folding knife with a 4 inch blade was located clipped to his right pocket.

Banks was transported by Officer Michael Cleary in unit 200 to the station where he was booked by Sgt. Michael McCarey. XXXX will be summonsed for Larceny under $1,200. Both XXXX and Banks were trespassed for three years from Home Depot.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Tim Van Nostrand
Somerville Police Dept.

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