Somerville Speakup Line:Who Is Somerville’s Traffic Engineer?

Dear Billy T and Somerville Speakup Line,

This guy is head of Somerville’s traffic engineering; Brian Postlewaite III.  He rides a bicycle around town.  See attached pix; 8927.JPG.

INTERESTING thing, he came from West Virginia.  Bryan Postalwait III…He spelled his name differently there & dropped most of his experiences; but how many Brian Postlewait, III’s are there w/a civil engineering (environmental is civil engineering) background??  From West Virginia?

What is this guy hiding???  Or hiding from? & which name is real?

I can’t find a clear picture of him, but would be interested to see what the West Virginia people would say about him.

Thank you!

One thought on “Somerville Speakup Line:Who Is Somerville’s Traffic Engineer?”

  1. These are two different people – they spell both their first and last names differently. Brian Postalwaite III is also on LinkedIn with a completely different profile. What’s with the continued fake news? And who cares if the city traffic engineer rides a bike?

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