Somerville Help Save Parking from Another Bike Lane Takeover!!!!

The plan is being called “The Pedestrian Safety Plan” but in reality, this plan is for the Bicycle Community.

This Bicycle Community already has lanes on Broadway, which is parallel to PowderHouse Blvd, another on Boston Ave. in. Medford but that’s not enough… they “do not like to be told where to ride” … so they want the Blvd. too!!

Claiming the Boulevard lane will be safer than the Broadway bike lane 🤷‍♀️ 🙄. A two way bike lane means a huge loss of parking for one whole side of PowderHouse Boulevard. Loss of parking for residents, teachers, other local employees and Doherty’s Funeral Home. Next meeting is this Thursday 4/25 at 6pm at the West Somerville Neighborhood School.

A lot of local residents may be unaware of this plan and flyers were placed on cars this afternoon by concerned residents to help spread the word. Lets be heard, spread the word!!!

If you are unable to attend the meeting you can voice your concerns via email at:

8 thoughts on “Somerville Help Save Parking from Another Bike Lane Takeover!!!!”

  1. The bike people do not care about people who live on powderhouse they just care about themselves. I sit on my porch an there are very few bikes that come down the street. There is not enough places for cars to park if you take one side away. The people pushing for this plan do not live on the street an have no concern for those of us who live on the street.

    1. Just posted on parking I meant to add that one bike lane is fine as long as it dose not take any parking away.

    1. A better solution to slow traffic on Powder House Blvd. is to install raised crosswalks and speeds bumps. I am a long time rental resident and need to be able to park my vehicle on the street. Currently there are not enough spaces for the residents of Powder House Blvd. and reducing parking to one side of the street will just create another problem.

      1. if you rely on a car you should buy a parking space or live in a place that supports your lifestyle.

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