Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Paul CAPOTOSTO (Attempt to Commit Crime)

I, Officer Mark McLaughlin of the Somerville Police Department, report the following summary of facts:

On Saturday, April 6, 2019, I worked my assigned 12am-8am shift, in full uniform, in marked cruiser West-7.

At approximately 4:00am(more than one hour before sunrise), I was dispatched, along with Officer Sergio Costa, (West-6) to 7X Howard Street for a report of a tall, white, male, wearing jeans, and a white baseball hat, trying to enter the penthouse apartment. I would note that 7X Howard Street is a large apartment complex, containing lofts, with many exterior walkways, and stair cases to gain access to individual apartments.

Upon arrival to the scene, I was met by XXXX. XXXX appeared to be very frightened, and stated that she was in her bed, when she saw the described suspect on her patio area, attempting to open the door which enter into her bedroom. XXXX then screamed, and the suspect left. However, minutes later XXXX saw the suspect again, walking along the outside ledge of the building, attempting to gain access through the windows. XXXX said she last saw him again on the patio, moments before our arrival.

I then walked out onto the patio and searched the area. The patio appeared to be clear, I then looked over the patio’s ledge to obtain a bird’s eye view of the complex, when I observed a male, later identified as Paul Capotosto, dangerously balancing on a steal beam several stories high, and slick with rain, just below the patio. I ordered Mr. Capotosto not to move. Officer Costa and I then assisted Mr. Capotosto off the beam and placed him into handcuffs(doubled locked).

Mr. Capotsoto stated that he didn’t know anyone lived here, and that he thought XXXX was a “squatter”. Dispatch then ran a query of Mr. Capotosto, and relayed to me that he has a lengthy criminal history of Breaking and Entering. I placed Mr. Capotsoto under arrest for Attempt to Commit A Crime, to wit Burglary. He was transported to the Somerville Police station in prisoner transport unit 200, by Officer Mark Canty, and was booked in the usual manner by Lt. Richard Lavey.

Respectfully submitted,
Officer Mark McLaughlin

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