Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Anthony DIMECO (Shoplifting, Resisting Arrest)at Assembly Row

The following is a summary of the details related to this incident.

On April 2, 2019 at approximately 18:13 hours, I was dispatched to Nike located at 300 Artisan Way for a report of a shoplifter. I arrived at this location with marked unit East-4 Officer C. Fusco. Upon arrival I spoke with the store manager XXXX. XXXX reports that she observed a male inside the store, who appeared to be intoxicated, conceal a pair of shoes underneath his shirt. At this time the male was asked to remove the items, which he did, and XXXX then called the police. XXXX pointed out the male to me who was trying on another pair of shoes.

I approached the male and informed him that management wanted him to leave the store. When I asked why he had tried to steal shoes he apologized and stated that he xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and cannot help stealing. He provided me the name Anthony Dimeco and stated that he has a bed reserved for him at a xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx in Boston beginning tomorrow. Nike management was satisfied in trespassing Dimeco and recovering their property so Anthony was advised that I would be filing a criminal complaint application against him for violation of M.G.L. Ch. 266 §30A Shoplifting by concealment and to go home.

Approximately 10 minutes later, Officer Fusco was notified by management at Express that there was a suspicious person in their fitting rooms trying on merchandise. Officer Fusco and I entered Express and observed Anthony exiting the fitting room. I asked Anthony to step outside and as we exited the store the alarm sounded. Upon exiting the store Anthony was placed into handcuffs. It should be noted that a search of Dimeco revealed no Express merchandise but a theft detection device was located in his pocket that he apparently removed from the items he tried on in Express. At this time I called for transport unit #200 to be sent to our location.

While waiting for the transport unit, a more thorough search of Dimeco was conducted and broken glass was removed from his pocket. Officer Fusco observed an Assembly Security Guard and asked that he contact maintenance to clean the debris which had fell on the sidewalk. While we were pointing out the debris, Dimeco briefly broke free of my grasp and attempted to run while handcuffed. Dimeco made it approximately 20 feet before running out of his shoes and falling to the ground on his own. Unit #200 operated by Officer D. Lambert then arrived and transported Dimeco to the station where he was booked by Lt. G. Rymill.

Anthony Dimeco is charged with violations of M.G.L. Ch. 266 §30A Shoplifting by Asportation and M.G.L. Ch. 268 §32B Resisting Arrest.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Anderson #315

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