Best of the Boston Comedy Festival with Jim McCue

The Boston Comedy Festival is bringing the best of the Best to the greater Boston stage company Stoneham, MA on February 9 at 8 pm. 
Jim McCue
A mixture of witty “A-list material” and his ability to work off-script has earned Jim McCue the title “Boston’s King of Crowd Work!” It’s not only his height of six foot six that makes Jim stand head and shoulders above club comedians of the “stick-to-the-script” variety. Jim blends thought-provoking material and uncanny improv skills with a style that encourages audience participation. No two shows are ever the same!
Jim has been featured on Comedy Central, Comcast Comedy Spotlight, NBC’s “Last Comic Standing,” RedEye on Fox News, Live at Gotham AXS TV and on NESN in his native New England. Jim also founded and currently runs The Boston Comedy Festival. 
Jim authored Embedded Comedian about his adventures entertaining our troops which Jim describes as a “field manual for comedians in a war zone.
Kathe Farris is a suburban housewife and mother of two teenagers. She shares her unsolicited advice and wisdom about everyday things from calcium supplements to the political awfulness behind book groups.  
Ms. Farris participated in the Boston Comedy Festival 2014 & 2015, 2016 and was a finalist in the world-famous Boston ComedyFestival Competition.
 Peter Martin is the 2015 Boston Comedy Festival competition Champion he hails from Somerville. His humor resonates with the same gritty taste and sensibilities of the Boston blue collar working class. From absurd silliness to intelligent satire, over the past nine years, Martin has become a well-known and established talent in the Boston comedy scene.
Bethany Van Delft’s “hip & grounded, laid back delivery” has earned her the honor of performing at the prestigious Just for Laughs Festival in Montreal, SF Sketchfest, as well as appearances on Comedy Central, TV Guide Channel, NickMom, and 2 Dope Queen’s podcast.

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