2018 Thomas Chetham Award Presented to Somerville Firefighters and Somerville Police Officer

Top Photo L-R: SFD Lieutenant Paul French with daughter Kailyn, Firefighter Steve Chiemets and Firefighter Sean Layton

Bottom Photo L-R: Photo L-R: SPD Deputy Chief Stephen Carrabino, Officer Kevin Goulart and Jess Charves

By William Tauro

In a letter dated October 9, 2018 from Somerville Fire Department Chief J. Breen Jr. to Commander Fencl of the American Legion Post 19 of Somerville sent the following recommendations for these firefighters on receiving the 2018 Thomas Chetham Award.

The letter states:

Dear Commander Fencl,

Enclosed are the names of six Somerville firefighters who i feel worked exceptionally at two separate incidents this past year.

Both incidents involved childbirth, which I consider low frequency-high risk events. Both were handled professionally by our firefighters and both had positive outcomes under stressful conditions.

I am pleased to submit the following firefighters for your consideration:

Lieutenant Paul French
Firefighter Steve Chiemets
Firefighter Sean Layton

Lieutenant Gary Teixeira
Firefighter Julian Davis
Firefighter Michael Jefferson

Enclose commendations issued by the Department to these individuals along with the description of their actions. I look forward to hearing from you regarding your decision of this prestigious award and thank you for your continued efforts of your continued support of the Somerville Fire Department.

Charles J. Breen Jr.
Chief Engineer

Also receiving the 2018 Thomas Chetham Award this past Saturday at the American Legion Post 19 was Somerville Police Officer Kevin Goulart.

A letter was sent into American Legion Post 19 as well to the commander regarding Officer Goulart from Somerville Police Chief David Fallon which read:

Somerville Police Meritorious Service Award is Awarded to Officer Kevin Goulart

On March 29, 2018, Officer Kevin Goulart was on a routine patrol when he noticed a vehicle running a red light and not stopping for a fire truck, which was about to enter the fire head quarters. He stopped the vehicle and immediately, detected a strong odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle. Officer Goulart also immediately recognized the two passages as impact players in the city. Parent. This coupled with the drivers being unlicensed, staring straight ahead with his hands down by his legs, hands visibly shaking, and very fidgety, as well as an open container of marijuana in the car, led Officer Goulart to give an exit order so he could further investigate.

He proceeded to speak with the front passenger, who was usually nervous and fidgety. He pulled her away from earshot of the other passengers, so that would not hear her speaking with him period. During their interaction, she would not make eye contact with him and kept glancing back at the car. Using his excellent communication skills, Officer Goulart was able to get the passengers to reveal that there was a firearm in the vehicle, which somehow had thrown in her once he pulled them over. He and his backup team then search the vehicle and found a loaded firearm inside the females purse, as she previously revealed.

All occupants were handcuffed and post-Miranda, the driver claimed ownership of the fire around, which was possessed illegally. Officer Goulart also found several bags of marijuana period. The driver was arrested on multiple charges, and an illegally owned firearm was removed from our streets.

This was truly outstanding police work on his part. Officer Kevin Goulart’s great instinct and initiative, and is worthy of praise and recognition for his work.

Presented on the 24th Day of April in the year 2018

David Fallon, Chief of Police

We congratulate all the recipients of this prestigious award for their continuous efforts and for their courageous performances that these individuals demonstrate on a daily basis as they represent and protect the citizens of this fine city of Somerville.

We also thank the Commander and members of the American Legion Post 19 of Somerville for their continuous support of our firefighters and police officers who place their lives on the line everyday keeping us safe and out of harms way.

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