Somerville Speakup Line:For Lame Watered Down Old News Read the Times

Dear Somerville Speakup Line,

How sick are we continuously hearing about “a fence around a yacht club”? All this little crybaby crap just because the Times guy obviously don’t like the News Weekly guy and especially because of the split up that left the Times newspaper without ads and seriously lame.

Hey Times with that said, we get it, over and over and over again old news gets old real fast! Get over it move on and get a life you guys look like fools! It’s sure getting super old. The Times people hang on to shit like a little old grandma seriously.

But the Times is obviously jealous that they don’t have a newsboat like their competition so get over it and maybe the News Weekly will give you guys sailor hats and whistles and maybe even take you crybabies out for a ride! Just remember jealousy will get you nowhere and jealousy is an mental disorder.

How can one news outlet with so many obvious personal flaws even dare to make a comment about any other organization or outlet when theirs is so grossly and publicly messed up?

And for God’s sake‘s stop sugarcoating stories about the mayor and kissing Joe’s ass as you usually do. Grow a spine and report the real news like your competitors.

Hey Times, News weekly even wrote a book about the crooked mayor. Why don’t you write a book about you’re creepy editor and rumors surrounding him? Oh maybe I can share that story on Somerville Pride?

If the Times could ever actually move on, they might actually grow- not as the fools they look like as we read about every week over and over and over again.

And oh yeah I do believe that the Somerville News Weekly has a much better product then the Times!

John Delaney,
A Dedicated Somerville News Weekly Fan

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