Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Alan SOTO (PWID A)

The following is a Brief summary to incident #18052272.

During the evening of September 01, 2018, members of the Somerville Police Department Drug Control Unit were conducting routine narcotic interdiction surveillance within the East Somerville area of the City of Somerville. The focus of the narcotic interdiction was within an area well known due to past Narcotic related arrests being made in the area. At 4:50 p.m. observations were made by me of XXXX (DOB xxxx) in front of his residence located at xx MT Pleasant Street on the phone looking towards the direction of Broadway. I would note that XXXX is known to members of the Drug Control Unit due to his reputation involving the personal use of Heroin and Fentanyl.

I would like to note that within the last 4 months, I have received information from a Confidential informant, that XXXX along with other residents have been receiving routine drug deliveries to the residence. I would additionally note that Somerville Police have responded for numerous Heroin overdoses of residents of xx MT Pleasant Street in the past.

Upon initiating surveillance of XXXX, I observed him Pacing back and forth in front of his residence and looking down MT Pleasant Street towards Broadway. On two occasions XXXX ‘s wife XXXX (DOB xxxx) came to the front of the residence from the rear of the residence and had brief conversations with XXXX and also a Male later identified as XXXX (DOB xxxx) arrived at the residence where after a brief conversation with XXXX walked to the back of xx MT Pleasant where XXXX ‘s apartment is located. After brief conversations with XXXX and XXXX, XXXX remained outside alone pacing back and forth in front of his residence and continuously looking down towards Broadway while looking at his phone.

At this Point I notified other Narcotic Detectives in the area of my observations and the Possibility that XXXX might be waiting for a potential drug delivery. Narcotic Detectives then responded and set up Surveillance of XXXX and the area of xx MT Pleasant Street.

At 5:22 PM observations were made by Detectives of a green Honda Pilot (Ma Reg xxxx) drive to front of xx MT Pleasant Street where the vehicle stopped in the middle of the street. At this time XXXX walked to drivers side of the vehicle, where he reached in the window of the vehicle. After less than a minute, XXXX walked away from the vehicle walking towards a walkway on the right side of xx MT Pleasant Street, which leads to his basement apartment and the vehicle began to head into the direction of MT Pleasant and Perkins Street.

I would note that once the Vehicle stopped in front of the residence, I exited my unmarked Police vehicle, which was parked in the XXXX parking lot and in a ruse I began to manipulate my phone as if i was texting and I walked closer then stopping about fifteen feet away XXXX and the vehicle and pretended to be texting. I would also note that I observed that XXXX had his right hand closed as he walked away from the vehicle.

Based on our observations, training and experience along with the information provided by the Confidential Informant, I believed that XXXX may have purchased some Heroin or Fentanyl from the Vehicle. At this point with my Police Badge displayed on the exterior of my clothing, I began to walk towards the walkway of xx MT Pleasant Street to conduct a threshold inquiry. At this Point XXXX had his back towards me as he began to walk down the walkway to his basement apartment door which is located in the rear of the residence. At this time I called and identified myself to XXXX as Somerville Police. XXXX then turned around put something in his mouth with his right hand and began to run to the rear of his residence.

At this Point I notified Detectives Goncalves, Legros and McNally to stop the vehicle due to XXXX swallowing potential evidence and running away from me. I shortly after stopped XXXX at his door which leads to his basement Apartment. At this time XXXX attempted to shut the door on me. After a brief struggle at the doorway XXXX was taken to the ground, where he was later handcuffed for safety reasons with the assistance of Detective Legros. XXXX without me asking him anything stated that he did not buy nothing but wanted to buy Cocaine but his dealer only had Heroin. I then asked about what he swallowed and XXXX stated that he did not swallow anything.

During my interaction with XXXX, Detectives Goncalves and McNally with assistance of Marked Unit East 4 (Ofc Fusco) conducted a Motor vehicle stop of the Honda Pilot in the area Perkins and MT Pleasant Street. Once Detectives approached the vehicle, they observed a large male later identified as Alan Soto (DOB xxxx) manipulating something with his right hand in his right hip area. At this point for safety reasons Soto was escorted out of the Vehicle and placed into handcuffs. I would note that when Soto was escorted out of the vehicle, Detective Goncalves confiscated fifty dollars from his right hand. Detective McNally then read Soto his Miranda warnings from a card he keeps. Soto declined to speak to Detectives about the incident. Sgt McCarey also arrived on scene and assisted with the incident.

Detective McNally then began to search Soto. Inside Soto’s right pant pocket, Detective McNally located 3 Baggies containing a brown powdery substance believed to be Heroin(preliminary weight 3.6 grams). I would note that the packaging and amount of heroin found on Soto is consistent with someone who will possess with the intent to distribute them. Two cell phones along with $2154.86 in us currency was also seized from Soto. Please see Detective McNally supplemental report regarding all evidence seized. XXXX was un handcuffed and was advised.

Soto was then was placed under arrest and was then transported to Somerville Police Headquarters via marked Unit East 4 with Officer Fusco along with Detective McNally. Soto could not be transported in the mobile detention unit due to his size and an old injury, therefore he was transported in a cruiser. Soto was booked by Lieutenant Sheehan.

Soto’s Vehicle (Honda Pilot Ma Reg xxxx) was towed back to the Somerville Police Station via Pats Towing and placed in the garage. Detective Goncalves followed the towed vehicle into the garage from Perkins and MT Pleasant. Soto’s US currency, and vehicle will be subject for forfeiture proceedings.

Respectfully submitted,

Detective Jason Costa #301

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