By Pam McLaughlin

On Wednesday June 20th I experienced an extraordinary scene from my living room windows.

I have lived at the Faulkner building ever since it opened in 1978. It was about 8 o’clock as the sun was about to set when I glanced out of my window from my upstairs apartment: I have a magnificent view from Charlestown to Fenway Park. I can see Bunker Hill’s monument and all of Boston with it’s many buildings. I can see the American flag on Prospect Hill Tower where the first American flag was raised in our nation on January 1, 1776. George Washington and Abraham Lincoln also visited Prospect Hill Tower.

But what I saw this past Wednesday was magnificent. The most brilliant light could be seen from Charlestown and all across Boston. I have never seen a light like this before. 1 had just watched television and felt elated that many people had marched in Boston in defense of God’s Immigrant children protesting their separation from their parents. President Trump had also signed legislation prohibiting separation of immigrant children. And I believe the brilliant light I saw across Boston was a confirmation of God 8 s approval.

Our children are a beautiful gift from God to His people to build up our families and the nations of our world. We must cherish, love and protect all of Gods children especially from the moment of their conception to birth and throughout, life’s journey. Children being brought up with faith today will become a living testament to God’s Love and grace which is much needed in today’s world.

And speaking about bright lights Two years ago I was writing an article about

protecting God’s children from abortion. I was typing up my final copy when a ray of sunshine came through my window and struck my hands. Another time I was typing up my final copy of an article in defense of abused children and a ray of God ‘s confirming light struck my hands as I was completing my final draft to send to my editor. One never knows how God will prepare these young children for the future building up of our nation and our world.

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