Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Kimberly GRAFFEO & William OLIVA (Armed Robbery)

The following report is a very brief summary of events pertaining to case #18015654.  Details not found in this report will be found in subsequent reports:

On Friday, march 16, 2018, I was assigned to Detective Unit D-2 and working the 800am-400pm shift.  At approximately 11:27AM a radio call came from Somerville Dispatch indicating that the XXXX at 2xx Broadway had just been robbed at knife point.  A description of the suspects and the suspect vehicle was given out.  The suspects were two white males and two white females.  The suspect vehicle was a 2018 white Chevy Cruz bearing a Florida license plate #xxxx.  Dispatch indicated that this vehicle was a rental car owned by xxxx.  After the robbery, the suspects fled the xxxx parking lot and left the area.  A diligent search of the area was made by myself and other patrol units but to no avail.

After searching the area for the vehicle, I responded to xxxx where Officer Khoury (E-4) was standing by.  He briefed me on what happened and directed me to two xxxx employees, one of which was a victim and one of which was a witness. The victim, Mr. XXXX, a pharmacist, related to me the following facts:

He observed two males, both white, one wearing a gray hoodie and one wearing a dark hoodie with front markings, grab five items off a shelf and begin to walk out the front door.  He specified that the male with the gray hoodie had taken two containers of protein powder and the male with the dark hoodie had taken 3 containers of Rogaine.  He approached them as they walked out the front door and directed them to stop and return the items they had just stolen.  They ignored his demand.  When he got too close to them, the male with the darker hoodie “snapped” out a black-handled switch-blade knife and told him words to the effect of “BACK THE FUCK OFF” as he waved the knife at him.  Upon being threatened with the knife, XXXX, who indicated to me that he had been robbed and stabbed in previous robberies, let the male suspects run into a waiting car that was occupied by two white females, a heavy-set one driving and a thinner one in the passenger’s seat.  Before the male suspects got into the car, the one with the knife literally ran out of his flip-flops and left them on the ground. (TAGGED INTO EVIDENCE).  They then fled the parking lot and took a right on Broadway. XXXX, as well as another witness outside, took note of the license plate on the car and gave it to the SPD 9-1-1 dispatchers when the call was made.  This other witness outside, Ms. XXXX, actually videotaped the car on her cell phone and provided Officer Khoury with both still photos and video of the vehicle clearly showing the plate number and the male suspect with the gray hoodie.

The second xxxx employee I interviewed was Mr. XXXX, the store manager.  I spoke with him in his office where he was burning a copy of the surveillance video from inside the store.  He related to me the following facts:

When he observed XXXX attempting to stop the male suspects from fleeing the store with the stolen merchandise, he heard a “snapping” sound come from the male with the darker sweatshirt as this male swung around towards XXXX.  He immediately saw that the sound he had heard was this male snapping out a switchblade on XXXX.  He also heard this male sternly, and in a threatening way say, “BACK OFF or BACK THE FUCK OFF” or words to that effect.  XXXX then pulled XXXX back to protect him from possibly being stabbed and watched the males jump into the waiting car with the Florida plates and the two white females inside.  He also saw that the male with the knife had run out of his flip flops and leave them on the ground before jumping onto the car and fleeing.

As part of my investigation, I began the process of identifying the person who rented the suspect vehicle from xxxx.  As a result, I learned that the renter’s name was Kimberly Graffeo, from Florida and Medford (dual addresses on her license).  She had rented the car on or about February 28 in West Palm Beach , Florida.  I ran her license image and saw that she was a heavy-set white female in her 30’s, which matched the description given by witnesses regarding the driver of the suspect vehicle.  I notified the Medford P.D. of the crime that had occurred and gave them a description of the car to be on the lookout for this suspect vehicle.  I then learned from Medford P.D. that the aforementioned suspect vehicle rented by Graffeo had been located at 1xx Woburn Street.  I responded to this location and had the suspect vehicle towed back to the S.P.D. for processing.  Then, at approximately 530pm I received a call from Medford PD (Officer Bordara) informing me that he had just received a phone-call (recorded) from Kimberly Graffeo in which she stated that she had driven her boyfriend, William Oliva, to the xxxx in Somerville earlier on and that he had committed a robbery in which he had pulled out a knife during said robbery.  Graffeo was inside 1xx Woburn Street, along with Oliva, when we had towed the car.

Based on this information, in which Graffeo implicated herself and William Oliva in an armed robbery, I notified Medford P.D. that they had probable cause to arrest them both for Armed Robbery (knife).  Sometime thereafter, William Oliva was found hiding in a snowbank in the rear of 1xx Woburn Street, where the suspect vehicle was located and placed under arrest. Within minutes, Kimberly Graffeo was also arrested at the same address.  They were both booked at the Medford P.D. and then transported to Somerville P.D. for booking.

As of the writing of this report, I have received information as to the identity of the two remaining suspects in this case and will be filing applications for warrants/complaints charging them with Armed Robbery.  As mentioned previously, this is a brief summary and subsequent reports will be filed on this case.

Respectfully Submitted,

Detective Paul Duffy #200

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