Somerville RESPONDing to Domestic Violence Gala

April 27 is our annual RESPONDing to Domestic Violence Gala. This event raises the money that supports all our programming. Did you know shelter space is so scarce 1300 people who called our hotline could not be placed in a shelter? Did you know we provide education and safe dating information to 7,000 children in local schools? Do you know how flippin expensive it is to help someone replace their kids school supplies because when they left they could only bring what they could sneak out of the house?

Ladies and gentleman, I am starting my annual shakedown of family and friends (and maybe even your friends friends!) I need your help! Heres how you can help someone live free from abuse:

1. Can you donate a gift card, good or service from your company or business? My awesome friends donate art, yoga sessions, restaurant experiences, timeshares, etc. They are awesome and you can be too!

2. Do you work for a mega company that is philanthropic and supports nonprofit events? Lets get them to sponsor!

3. Are you free April 27? Do you hate the effects of domestic violence? Do you like (or love) an open bar, a fun time and the shortest CEO speech ever? Then come to our event!

4. Got wine? Im putting together an amazing wine package and I need bottles of wine– all types, all styles, all colors, all everything! I will pick up!

This year we are celebrating our shelter being opened for ten years and also, its my ten year anniversary. So please — get involved. its a blast!

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