Somerville Speakup Line: Possible Coverup at the Middlesex County Disritct Attorney’s Office “Who Done It?”

Dear Billy T and Somerville Speakup Line,

Re: Possible Coverup at the Middlesex County Disritct Attorney’s Office

You should definitely look into a possible coverup at the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office where it is alleged somebody in the office just got bagged for unauthorized use and misuse of a government credit card.

I doubt very much they reported it, but I am almost definitely positive that they very quietly swept it under the rug.

It’s been sometime now, a week or so since they allegedly got bagged, but if they didn’t already report it they should all be fired and jailed for obstruction of justice and not disclosing this crime!

I’m very sure that once they read this posting they will automatically jump into damage control mode and publicize it, but check out the dates and why they didn’t report it the day it happened like all crimes are mandated to be reported when they are discovered.

Somerville has Captain Coverup and Middlesex county has the Crooked DA!

Now I can see all the coverups that you have written about and how they get away with it. How can we put our trust into this office and justice system if they are covering up crimes that themselves are profiting on?

Who did it? Why did they do it? And what was the penalty? And who is getting charged for the crime are the questions that should be asked?

Omg….if this is true…it just proves more corruption in the government.

Please keep up the good work and continue to “Drain the Swamp!”


A disgusted police officer that works with the DAs office on a daily basis and seen it all!

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