Our Revolution Somerville elects new Steering Committee, sets priorities for 2018

Photos by Rand Wilson

Over 130 members of Our Revolution Somerville (ORS) gathered last Sunday , Jan. 21 for its first citywide meeting of the new year. The meeting had two major goals: setting priorities for 2018 and electing a steering committee.

​Members brainstormed priorities and strategies for the upcoming year. Priorities that the membership identified include supporting workers and immigrants, preserving and developing affordable housing, prioritizing public education, minimizing the damage of climate change, and ensuring that Somerville’s nonprofits that don’t pay taxes contribute their fair share to the city’s economic well being.

The newly elected Steering Committee will use this information to set ORS’s agenda for 2018.

The new 2018 Steering Committee members are: Monica Achen, Michael Bowler, Ben Bradlow, Tessa Bridge, James Roberts Crall, Donald “DJ” Cronin, Colleen Fitzpatrick, Fenna Krienen, Chris Lay, Frank Lee, Jon Leonard, Matthew Miller, Surjeet Paintal, Harriotte Hurie Ranvig, Joyce Shortt, and Anosha Siripala.

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