Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Bonnie DWYER (Trespass, Disorderly)

On Wednesday November 29, 2017, I, Officer Marra, was in full-uniform and assigned to marked cruiser 782, patrolling area E2, for the Somerville Police Department. At approximately 1600 hours, I was dispatched to T-Mobile, located at the Twin City Shopping Plaza, 14 McGrath Highway Somerville, for the report of an unwanted patron causing a disturbance in the store.

Sgt. Perrone was nearby working a uniformed detail assignment and was on scene upon my arrival. As I entered the store, there were several employees and customers gathered to one side of the store while Sgt. Perrone attempted to calm down a female party who was belligerently yelling in the middle of the store. All business within the store had come to a halt and the attention of everyone was directed toward the female. Sgt. Perrone recognized the female party as Bonnie Dywer, who is known to the Somerville Police Department and has been the subject of multiple past arrests for similar behavior.

Dwyer was loudly and tumultuously yelling in the store, refusing to leave at the direction of Sgt. Perrone. She continually yelled that she was being harassed by officers and that she was not going to leave the store until she received a refund. Officers continually made attempts to calm Dwyer down and have her leave the store, but she continued her behavior and began to yell profanities. Officers explained that she was now trespassing and provided one last chance for Dwyer to leave the store by telling her she had one minute to gather her belongings and leave, otherwise she would be placed under arrest. In a yelling voice, Dwyer began to countdown from 60 as she gathered her bags. After approximately 1 and a half minutes, she had only reached 30. Officers began to direct her out of the store; approximately 3 feet from the door, she stopped, turned around toward me and yelled “The fucking Somerville Police need to leave me alone.” Once again she was instructed to leave, to which she replied, no. At this time I handcuffed (DL) Dwyer and placed her under arrest.

Dwyer was lead outside; while awaiting the prisoner transport vehicle, she continued to yell profanities in a tumultuous manner, one of which insinuated that officers were going to make sexual and inappropriate advancements toward her; the Twin City Shopping Plaza is a strip mall with several storefronts adjacent to T-Mobile on either side.  Dwyer’s outbursts drew the attention of several shoppers in the area, causing them to stop what they were doing and direct their attention towards us. In speaking with store manager, XXXXX, Sgt. Perrone learned that Dwyer entered the store and began yelling at him, including demeaning references to his El Salvadorian heritage into her tirade for no apparent reason. When she refused to leave the store, XXXXX called Police.

Dwyer was transported back to the station by Unit 200, Officer Justin Brown and booked by Lt. Digregorio. Per store manager, XXXXX, she will be verbally trespassed from returning to the store. Dwyer will be charged with the following:

MGL Chapter 266 Section 120: TRESPASS

MGL Chapter 272 Section 53F:  DISORDERLY CONDUCT

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Michael Marra #338

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