One thought on “Bernie Sanders in Somerville Endorses Candidates of Our Revolution”

  1. It was disturbing to see Jesse Clingan, Somerville Ward 4 Alderman in this list. I talked to him the other day for the first time and he is another one for using eminent domain of property. It is disturbing to think that such people could possibly be elected. It is happening all over Somerville as in Ball Square and here is another one wanting to do this in Winter Hill. He would have had my vote because the other one running is a Curtatone associate. But many business in this area are now aware that this person wants to take a business persons property illegally. I think we have had enough of this. We have had enough of this kind of politics here. As someone who has lived here for 70 years, owns a home and a business I will do my best to make sure he does not get in. I have had enough of this. Thank You

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