Criminal Complaints Filed On Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone and Members of His Administration/Alleged Co-Conspirators

By William Tauro

Criminal complaints were filed late Friday afternoon against Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone, DPW Commissioner Stanley Koty, DPW Repair Garage Foreman Mike Browne, Somerville Police Department Captain Dan Cotter as well as two associates of the Somerville Times.

The complaints were filed by a victim requesting law enforcement authorities to exercise their legal obligations to open a formal investigation process to open the system.

A series of charges ranging from Extortion, racketeering, threats, character assassination, harassment, fraud, misappropriations of municipal funds, witness tampering and obstruction of justice were filed with the Somerville Police Department, the Massachusetts Attorney Generals Office and the Office of the Massachusetts Inspector General.

Additional complaints are expected to be filed on Monday with the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office as well.

This past August, criminal complaints were filed on Joseph Curtatone with the Federal Bureau of Investigation with the victim seeking Racketeering and Extortion charges on the six term Somerville Mayor.

The complaints that were filed with evidence presented in August with the Boston Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) Anti-Corruption Unit asked the Bureau to pursue charges against Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone with allegations accusing the six term mayor of racketeering and extortion.

The multiple allegations against the Mayor are stemming back to several stalled development deals within the City of Somerville – accusing the Mayor of “shaking down” property owners, forcing/extorting property owners to use his own connected (favored) developers.

The mayor is being accused with allegations of racketeering, and tampering with an MBTA property bidding process, while depriving a Somerville (bowling alley) property owner of his rights.

In the case of the bowling alley, the Mayor and a local real estate developer are named as approaching and allegedly attempting to deprive the property owner of his rights with respect to his fifty-year old bowling alley business/property and attempting to bypass a state mandated bidding process.

They are further being accused of allegedly trying to bribe the property owner to vacate the property by offering him a 2% limited partnership share in the real estate development involving a predated paperwork-packet of the $70 million dollar, pre-bid, multiple-unit real estate development deal.

Allegations were also made that Mayor Curtatone deliberately closed a highway off-ramp of McGrath Highway to deprive local businesses of potential automobile traffic in an attempt to starve them of the automobile traffic to deprive the businesses of traffic flow.

These allegations come after an alleged failed attempt by the mayor to buy out, develop and take over the business owner’s properties.

Additional allegations were also made and charges were being sought against a high-ranking DPW Administrator Commissioner Stanley Koty, DPW Repair Garage Foreman Mike Browne and two Somerville affiliates of another local news publication who allegedly conspired with Mayor Curtatone in an elaborate extortion plot to gain control of the properties to be developed.

The group were accused of allegations of multiple witness intimidation and extortion by attempting to slander the Somerville News Weekly and it’s publishers/contributors at the request of the Mayor.

The Mayor and DPW Commissioner allegedly carried out the elaborate plot in an attempt to discredit the Somerville News Weekly and its publisher and stop them from publicizing any bad press and exposing damaging information regarding scandals by Mayor Curtatone and his Administration.

These allegations were in an attempt to cover up any bad press over the past three years, especially during this current election campaign cycle with fictional self made up social media characters.

The DPW Commissioner, the DPW Repair Garage foreman, along with the local affiliates of the other news publication including that paper’s publisher, are being accused of allegedly using fictitious social media aliases over the past two years in order to carry out the plan ordered by the Mayor.

The plot coupled with an online assault on social media platforms, various slanderous accusations that were published by the two affiliates in their Somerville Times news publication to further broadcast harassment and fabricated propaganda as well as with a fabricated oriented court prevention restraining order used as a extortionately tool to intimidate the Somerville News Weekly publisher to silence his claims against the mayor and extort him for a share of the lucrative Somerville legal ads.

The victim also alleges the two associates of the Somerville Times carried out the plan in exchange for the majority of the City of Somerville’s lucrative legal ads for their newspaper – all at the taxpayers expense.

The allegations are being brought forward by a group of property owners, along with another newspaper publisher this past August in Boston.

The allegations go on to accuse Mayor Curtatone and the DPW Commissioner of attempting to sway multiple real estate deals with abuse of power via an elaborate real estate scheme that involves racketeering and extortion of multi-million dollar land deals in Somerville.

These allegations also involve a former Somerville alderman/local attorney.

It all started back over two years ago with when the Somerville News Weekly first published and exposed the City of Somerville Department of Public Works with a story regarding an article written about an “ALLEGED SOMERVILLE DPW OVERTIME SCANDAL. ”

The article then lead up to a six part story series on multiple Somerville stalled developments and corruption within the Curtatone Administration.

Even amongst all the overwhelming evidence presented in last years Somerville News Weekly “Alleged Somerville DPW Overtime Scandal” story, no arrests, no terminations, or reprimands have been ordered by the Curtatone Administration.

Evidence was presented that Somerville Police Captain Dan Cotter allegedly covered up the police investigation per request of the mayor in exchange for a promotion while Cotter was on the promotion list.

Captain Cotter is also being accused of multiple alleged police investigation coverups stemming back to 2004.

If convicted, the statue of limitations regarding the multiple past cover ups will become null and void where the cover-up investigations are still ongoing.

DPW Commissioner Koty is being accused of multiple alleged crimes within the Curtatone Administration stemming back to 2004 including vendors contract tampering, municipal water liens tampering , fraud and racketeering.

Koty is also be accused of allegations that he tried to extort a family that ran a small business in Somerville. They had many dealings with the mayor. Their son tried to get on the Somerville Fire Dept. He was a veteran but he was put through something horrible and didn’t get on.

At the time the City of Somerville received an $800,000.00 grant to put on thirteen firefighters.

The grant allowed priority consideration for candidates with military service backgrounds.

At this particular time there had to be at least three veterans that were already put on the list including a Navy veteran who was honorably discharged after serving four years of active service.

This particular veteran candidate scored over a 90 on the exam all the while city hall was running two lists.

The veteran candidate’s family who was also a city vendor is alleging that they were approached by the Somerville Department of Public Works Commissioner Stanley Koty to put $10,000.00 cash in an envelope for the mayor to ensure that their veteran candidate son would automatically be placed on the Somerville Fire Department.

The family member immediately then allegedly informed Commissioner Koty that their son scored a 90 on the test as well as him also being a veteran and declined Koty’s offer.

After that being said, Commissioner Koty then allegedly responded with retaliation by cutting off all the family’s contracts with the city including and their vendor service with city hall were all stopped.

At that time the City of Somerville owed the family’s business over $100,000.00 for prior services rendered and that they were allegedly threatened by Koty that they would might never see this money or they would have to wait a very long time to get it now and all new work came to a stop.

The family then hired a lawyer but the family was allegedly told by Koty that their contracts and city vendor services would go forward if they backed off with the lawyer and that their son would get on the Somerville Fire Department.

The end result in this story is that the son never did get on the Somerville Fire Department but they broke him, they broke him bad.

The son was found dead later that month of a sudden death.

The family told us that there are allegedly others who this was done too, and that their family is not the only one out their who was allegedly extorted by Commissioner Koty.

This was previously reported to the Federal Bureau of Investigation in 2013 but for some reason did not gain the attention it deserved.

Since then and especially with all of the current activity and allegations of corruption about the Curtatone Administration, more allegations have been surfacing with more witnesses having come forward giving this case more momentum and the needed attention that it deserves.

The family of the veteran urges the Federal Bureau of Investigation to revisit, reinvestigate and prosecute these suspects in this case.

Somerville DPW Repair Garage Foreman Mike Browne is being accused of allegations bilking and defrauding the city of Somerville by repairing and restoring his own personal antique vehicle while clocked in on the city time clock with overtime accruing for several months.

Browne is also being accused with allegations of fraudulently ordering multiple auto parts for his personal vehicles while charging the parts to the city’s parts account at the Department of Public Works.

Brown is also facing allegations that he and another DPW employee submitted heavy overtime hours for teaching CDL training on time and a half to double time the hours that allegedly reached well over 150 hrs per week.

There are also allegations that he and the other trainer were not even CDL qualified to begin with to train these driving students.

Also strong concerns are surfacing that students who Browne got paid to train that he already certified may be a high liability risk factor to the city of Somerville because Browne himself was not certified to provide the training in the first place.

After this very newspaper began reporting about these allegations in 2014 at the DPW the investigation that was requested by the Mayor’s office that was conducted by the Somerville Police Department and then allegedly covered up for the mayor.

Somerville Police officials are believed to have spent over a full 2-3 weeks sifting through mountains of incriminating evidence and a plot to defraud city taxpayers out of thousands of overtime hour dollars.

Hundreds of thousands of taxpayer’s dollars were allegedly being scooped away by a handful of city employees for their own personal gain under Browne’s supervision.

Hundreds of alleged misrepresented time sheets and literally hundreds of photos taking you inside the DPW Garage as it was happening were presented as evidence, but yet again allegedly covered up by a Somerville Police Captain at the mayor’s request.

Somerville Police Captain Dan Cotter is being accused of allegedly covering up multiple police investigations for mayor Curtatone in exchange for promotions while on the promotional list and enabling these suspects to run around rampant committing various assaults and acts of witness intimidation.

The multiple allegations of coverups took place between 2003-2016.

Phone calls of requested interviews with the Mayor, Chief of Police and city’s Finance Director were not returned by Ed Bean nor by Somerville Communications Director Denise Taylor.

If tried and found guilty, Somerville Police Captain Dan Cotter could forfeit his pension as well as be charged with Obstruction of Justice, Disguises to obstruct execution of law, performance of duties, or exercise of rights :Section 34. Whoever disguises himself with intent to obstruct the due execution of the law, or to intimidate, hinder or interrupt an officer or other person in the lawful performance of his duty, or in the exercise of his rights under the constitution or laws of the commonwealth, whether such intent is effected or not, shall be punished by a fine of not more than five hundred dollars or by imprisonment for not more than one year and may if imprisoned also be bound to good behavior for one year after the expiration of such imprisonment.

Below is a list of official Somerville Police Department investigations that were allegedly covered up by Captain Dan Cotter for his own personal gain:

Covering up Alleged Somerville DPW Overtime Scandal


Covering up allegations Somerville PD Officer Capobianco‘s (Mayor Curtatone’s cousin) alleged intentions of looting valuables from a dead body victim at crime scene

Covering up allegations of City Finance Director Ed Bean’s misappropriations of municipal funds ($2 million conspiring with Curtatone to defraud taxpayers and to undermine Doherty Kelly Gay Mayoral Election)

Captain Dan Cotter is accused of allegedly covering up an official police investigation of the Concord Police Department regarding a Somerville police officer who was posting verbal assaulting slanderous articles on craigslist slandering a fellow police officer of the Concord Police Department. This cover-up was intentionally covered up swept under the rug by Captain Dan Cotter per the direct request of Mayor Joseph Curtatone in 2014.

Covering up allegations of DPW Commissioner Koty‘s misappropriations of mutual funds

Covering up allegations of DPW Commissioner Kody tampering of municipal water liens and municipal water bills (Deleting and tampering of municipal water liens from Koty’s own personal property bills)

Covering up allegations of FELONY” that was committed in front of witnesses, by Commissioner Stan Koty, one that falls under the category of “MISAPPROPRIATIONS OF GOVERNMENT FUNDS”, which also carries with it a “LOSS OF RETIREMENT”.


Covering up allegations that DPW Commissioner Koty extorted Firefighter candidate’s by charging them $10,000.00 to get placed on the Somerville Fire Department (Selling jobs placement)

Covering up allegations that DPW Commissioner Koty’s use of White envelopes to extort city vendors


The victim is demanding that Police Captain Dan Cotter be immediately placed on administrative leave and prosecuted for Obstruction of Justice for these alleged crimes to cover up multiple official police investigations.

For a complete more defined definition of all these allegations please visit: The Grand Theft of Somerville The Untold Story:

Mayor Curtatone is facing an opponent in this coming general election in November.

The Somerville News Weekly is urging Mayor Curtatone, DPW Commissioner Koty, Somerville Police Captain Cotter to step down amidst these allegations.

Calls requesting information to Somerville Communications Director Denise Taylor, Somerville Police Department Chief David Fallon and Deputy Chief Paul Trant went unanswered and not returned.

We will keep you informed as the story is still developing…

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  1. It’s possible I could have missed it but if charges were files I would have thought it would have made the major news media in the area somewhere. Granted I have never voted for this mayor and have not liked him since day one but I really would like to see this made more available if it is indeed true. Over the years I have seen many businesses that were started by those born here in Somerville and now gone and not of their own accord here in this great city. Some were reluctant to pursue the matter. Only one I do know and the person is also unwilling to come forward. But that was done by an alderman. Trouble is I only have rumors to go on over the years. But the damage he has done to this city as CEO will never be repaired.

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