Reality Bites by James A. Norton

It’s hard not to take things personally when they are created solely for contempt and malice.

I used to write about simpler things. My kids, my grandkids, a new movie, something I did, somewhere I traveled to. Whatever. It was fun – I felt like I had a connection with people in general. I enjoyed the feedback – the give and take with others – the commentary, and even suggestions on occasion.

Over time that faded – mainly because people have changed, myself included. Everything in the world has changed. You might not believe this, but regardless of how old or young you are, your life today is many more times complicated than you would have ever imagined a decade or two ago.

Today we are bombarded with fake news, real news, in-between news – it is a full on “news” assault from every direction and even though all this information is right at our fingertips, most people have no idea about issues that actually impact their daily lives. Just for kicks, try this at the next holiday party you go to: make a point of not talking about sports in any way or anything that has to do with Donald Trump – no matter how hard someone tries to get you to talk about them. Good luck.

I have an idea – try talking about the race for Mayor of Somerville. That’s a good one – and something that seems to be on the mind of a lot of people these days. Probably a lot more than most would expect, which does not bode well for the current Mayor. You know, the one who panders to the public/limelight every time he holds a stupid press conference. The one who hangs really ridiculous banners on City Hall with no consideration for how it would be interpreted by passersby. The one who needs a driver and police escort to public meetings. The one whose friends go on Facebook (both their own accounts and their fake accounts) and try to influence what people are talking about. The one who should have known it was time to go away to the private sector, like all the other mayors before him.

I don’t care how many times I have said this before, I will keep on saying it – the current mayor has done an excellent job in the past – moving Somerville into the future with vision, but, the baggage that comes with holding elected office for too long has finally started to outweigh all the good. It really is that simple. Like everything else in life, there’s good and bad in all things political.

In 2017, it seems as though we want to judge others quickly, rather than thoroughly, and that is sad. To be honest, though, when there’s smoke there’s usually fire. So while that last sentence seems a little dis-jointed, just take a minute to think about it in the context of the mayoral race, and then take another minute to think of how happy (or not so happy) you are with the current mayor and his political machinations. Then to play for bonus points, try to remember the last time you voted for a Mayor you actually liked.

Scary isn’t it?

So the point I am trying to make is – vote for the current Mayor if you feel the need, vote for Payton Corbett if you’re smart, or just vote ABC (Anyone But Curtatone) if you to want to make a statement – but just go and vote. It’s not just your right to vote – it’s your responsibility to vote. #GMK #GTBTP

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