Mayor Curtatone has been called out by this very newspaper to answer questions regarding all of the allegations that have been casting a dark cloud of corruption that has overshadowed him and his administration for years and most recently in the past three months.

This very newspaper presented a proposal to invite the mayor to appear in an open forum in live public view and pick out any of our articles that he doesn’t agree on or thinks it not be true.

We have presented this offer to him via printing it in the paper as well as online for the world to see that all of our stories can be proven with overwhelming evidence but sure enough the mayor nor his communication director have returned our multiple phone calls nor replied to our invitation to prove his innocence.

In other words, Mayor Joseph Curtatone chickened out!

Has anybody noticed this driving down Lower Broadway yet?

We’ve noticed that the Joe Curtatone yard sign that was located on that new marijuana pot retail store location that’s being renovated at the site of the old chiropractor building that’s located on lower Broadway has been taken down.

The sign was taken down after our article aired regarding the mayors alleged addiction to cocaine.

The business and property are both owned by a long time supporter of the mayor who played a big part and who was instrumental in getting the approval for this marijuana business to take place in Somerville in the first place!

Just think that the mayor and his crew of city payed partygoers would have a very convenient place and a great connection and of course a tremendous pot discount to go to so he can come down after is high after this marijuana business opens for business. Only in Somerville!

Here’s a great one for the books!

Apparently the Somerville Repair Garage Foreman aka Mike the Cowardly Lion now has been appointed by DPW Commissioner Crooked Stan to take over the repairs for all the city of Somerville owned police vehicles, afleet of Ford Explorers. So what does self serving Mike go and do, he goes out and buys for himself a new Ford Explorer.

You gotta hand it to him and his corrupt thinking that he’s a crooked genius. Now Crooked Mike will never have to pay for parts again or accessory equipment again.

Now if anything ever goes wrong with his truck or he wants to buy parts or wants to spiff it up now anything will get charged to the city of Somerville’s open parts store charge and gets charge to the city’s AC outa debt we the tax payers will never know about it unless we dig and dig. But just remember that Curtatone’s Criminally Minded accomplices can do anything they want and get away with it because they can hide anything they want as they have always done. Please feel free to give me a call if all of a sudden his new ride ends up with a new GMC front crash bar now or with Wagner strobe-lights and wigwags and you’ll know that you the taxpayers paid for it! There’s only one way to stop this kind of crime and corruption biting off the head of the snake aka by voting Joe Curtatone out of office!

This paper will also be offering a $100 Mount Vernon Restaurant complete scrumptious lobster dinner gift certificate to the first person that can deliver us a complete good quality cell phone video of Mayor Joe Curtatone’s concession speech yielding to winning candidate Payton Corbett after the election that night on Nov 7th also showing a glimpse of all the hacks in the crowd listening to it!

It is our prediction that Payton Corbett will win this election by a landslide.

This will be an historic long awaited moment and we don’t want to miss one minute of it and of course will bring it to you online as it happens on our news site!

We can’t wait to say “Swamp Drained Mission Accomplished

Here are some very simple instructions on how to make a change!

It’s up to everybody to contact their friends, relatives and neighbors and spread the word ABC “Anybody But Curtatone” and to Vote Payton Corbett!

It’s up to us to do this with no excuses.

Nothing will change unless everyone who can vote, does so. We all want to really make a change, then not just go and vote, get 5-10 people you know to vote the same way. It’s all up to the voters to “Drain the Swamp” in Somerville!

Let’s send Somerville Police Chief David Fallon a message and urge him to act immediately today, not tomorrow on the so many crimes that this administration is guilty for! If he cannot comply with this urgent demand to seek criminal complaints against these accused career criminals that were mentioned in article, “The Grand Theft of Somerville, The Untold Story” going after including Mayor Curtatone, Commissioner Koty and Captain Cotter, Ed Bean and Mike Browne then we are urging him to contact the Federal Bureau of investigation and let them do the job for him! Chief Fallon can be reached at (617)625-1600

Just in case you’re out and about looking for our print editions during all this election news season and you cannot find it that means the mayor’s hoods are out there stealing our publications so you the readers can’t read the truth about them but here is the complete list where you can find them as well:

The Somerville News Weekly Print edition that comes out every Tuesday and can be found weekly in the bright red Somerville News boxes located at the following locations across the Ville: Union Sq. Post Office, Dunkin Donuts Magoun Sq/Dunkin Donuts Somerville Ave (across rink)/Dunkin Donuts Broadway at McGrath Hwy/ Dunkin Donuts Middlesex Ave, Dunkin Donuts Twin City Plaza, Clairton Hill Bus stop, Victor’s Deli & Ball Square Cafe in Ball Square, Winter Hill Post Office and Davis Square in front of Mike’s Restaurant. The paper can also be found at all municipal buildings including Somerville City Hall, Traffic & Parking and all Council of Ageing Buildings, Casey’s Bar Broadway, All Winter Hill Banks, Nissenbaum’s Auto Parts, Cambridge Portugese Credit Union, Century Bank, Lotus Express, Brady Towers, Claidon Hill Apartments, Cobble Hill Apparetments, The Armory, Quick Mart Highland Ave, Somerville High, & Eleven next to Trum Field, 350 Foodmart, Jerrys Liquors, West 7 Bistro Broadway, Somerville Credit Union, The Arts at the Armory Highland Ave, Most Senior Apartment Buildings, Somerville Police Station, Wedgewood Crane & Connolly Ins Agency Davis Square, Leone’s Pizza on Broadway, Angelina’s Sub Shop on Holland Street, Vinnie’s Superette on Broadway ,Cambridge Mobile Sound 234 Monsignor O’Brien Highway, Somerville Computers, Vinnie’s Superette, Broadway Sunoco, MT Pleasant Apts 70 Perkins St,Sovereign Bank Broadway, Properzi Manor 13-25 Warren Avenue. Properzi Manor, Winter Hill Bakery, 240 Pearl Street Apartments, Mount Pleasant Apartments 70 Perkins Street, Joe’s Liquor Store on Broadway ,Dunkin Donuts Powderhouse, Joe’s liquor store Broadway, Santandare Bank Broadway, Somerville Public Library Broadway, Woodys Liquors Broadway, the Italian Sausage Wizard located down at Assembly Square and in just about every little store in and around the Ville! If you want your store location to be listed here as well on where to find The Somerville News Weekly, simply just call Billy Tauro at (617)293-2016 or email him at and we will add you to our ever growing popular list of pick-up-locations across the Ville.

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