Somerville Pop Warner Children Plead With Mayor Curtatone for Light But Left in Total Darkness


By William Tauro 

Over One Hundred Pop Warner children, members of Somerville Pop Warner Football and Cheerleading Team were left in the dark on Tuesday night at Foss Park. 
The league is blaming Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone for leaving them in the dark by deliberately depriving them of any source of lighting for their event. 
Mayor Curtatone has always been in opposition of the Somerville Pop Warner Football Team. In a previous interview Curtatone told the publisher of this paper to “Stop supporting and covering their events” because he did not like the people who managed the team referring to them as “scum and lowlifes” according to him in his own vindictive words.  
Pop Warner Vice President Marsha Hamel McGlashing posted “They know we are there, we have already asked…and asked…..and asked…and asked” referring to the mayor and the city. 
The Somerville Pop Warner Football & Cheer Program is a non-profit organization interested in building leadership, learning skills, teamwork and discipline.
They take pride in bringing together boys and girls from the city of Somerville to learn important life lessons through playing organized football and participating in cheering. They encourage good sportsmanship, respect for our community and each other, and strong team unity. They are committed to keeping youth sports in its proper perspective.
It‘s important now more than ever that kids have a place to go and opportunity to do something productive to give back to their city. All their volunteers are dedicated to making your child‘s experience a positive one.
This story is still developing…

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