Somerville Labor Coalition Candidate’s Endorsements

On June 27th, The Somerville Labor Coalition held its 3rd Political Candidates night.

The Somerville City club was jam packed with Union member, supporters and political hopefuls, to witness a question and answer type forum that included most candidates running for office in the City of Somerville. Aldermen candidates from wards 1,2,3,4 and at Large as well as Mayor all have contested races. Former Mayor, Gene Brune kicked off the night with a motivating speech and the forum was moderated by SCAT TV’s Joe Lynch who peppered the sparring candidates with hot button issues. There was plenty of discussion regarding not only Civil Service and Union issues but also on affordable housing, jobs and the future of Assembly and Union Square development.

Noticeably missing this night was incumbent Mayor, Joe Curtatone who had scheduled a fundraiser on the same night as this event. His attendance would have been exciting since his challenger Payton Corbet was very dynamic and had plenty to say about the current Mayor. He was well received by the crowd and in the end garnered the endorsement of the SLC.

The Event was hosted by the SLC Executive Board whose members include 650 Union members from 6 of the City’s municipal Unions. This was the largest political forum of this type held in the City in recent memory. All candidates were sent an invitation to attend this event along with a Union questionnaire. Only candidates who responded could participate.

The following candidates were proudly Endorsed by the Somerville Labor Coalition:

Ward 1 : Matt McLaughlin​At-Large

Ward 2 : Maryann Heuston​William White

Ward 3 : Robert McWatters​Dennis Sullivan​

Ward 4 : Jesse Clingan​Jack Connolly

Ward 5 : Mark Niedergang​Mary Jo Rossetti

Ward 6 : Lance Davis

​Mayor – Payton Corbett​

We are proud to announce that these unions are represented by the founding members of the Somerville Labor Coalition.





Co‐Chair ‐ Edward Halloran ‐ Somerville Municipal Employees Association



Co‐Chair ‐ Thomas Ross ‐ Somerville Firefighters Association



Treasurer ‐ Peter Blaikie ‐ NCFO Local 3 School Custodians

SLC Co‐Founding Member Michael McGrath ‐ Somerville Police Employees Association

Co‐Founding Member Terri Mederios ‐ Somerville Dispatchers Local 888 SEIU

SLC Member ‐ Michael Cabral ‐ Somerville Police Superior Officers Association

Working Together to Provide Fair Labor for All

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