Top 5 Comments From Our Facebook News Site Article On:Mayor Joseph Curtatone on Undocumented Immigrants


He’s playing the “semantics” game with his phrase “serious 4th amendment issues”, because he knows he can’t say outright that illegal immigrants have rights. 

One would think that “the People” as written in the constitution, means citizens, but now there are arguments in court all over the country on who is covered under “the people”.

I know I would not have rights the same as the citizens if I went to another country. We are going too far arguing theses issues- We the People” = We who Are Citizens!


Oh joe when will you learn? Your just as much a criminal as these illegals… It’s funny because when they get caught, they get deported…. I don’t understand how someone , a mayor at that, can get away with harboring fugitives? Are you really that brain dead joe that you don’t know the difference between illegal and undocumented… Oh wait, they’re the same thing, are you really that stupid?


He’s a moron if u don’t have papers ss number you can’t get a job without proper papers your illegal why should illegal immigration be allowed here if they don’t wanna do things the right way


And people like Joe seem to forget what illegal undocumented immigrate really means. It means they broke the law and continue to break the law by their very presence in our country. 

The offense is ongoing. 

I don’t get to rob a bank and continue to keep the money but because I’m not actively robbing a bank when I am arrested doesn’t mean I walk free. 
And not to beat a dead horse here but the American people spoke this election. Not only did they elect a Republican president they also elected Republicans across the board in the Senate and House. 
Wake up.

I think all of us should like Joe Curtatone’s page give our input on his posts whenever he spews his venom.

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