Somerville Mayor Curtatone on President Trump’s Executive Order 

By Joseph Curtatone

The silver lining in Trump’s attempted climate change rollbacks is his executive order is not nearly as sweeping as the administration presented it to be. The intent is still scary and the path it puts us on is potentially calamitous, but the effects of this order will be delayed, muted and, in many cases, litigated. For instance, it does not pull us out of the Paris Accords on climate change nor will it prevent the coal industry from going the way of whale oil.

It gives people ample time to organize and fight back. Just like we saw on the health care issue, we can make a difference when we mobilize. We need to be just as adamant when it comes to climate change and having a general respect for science. A great place to start is taking part in upcoming March for Science on Saturday, April 22 (Earth Day) –

It’s going to take a concerted, grassroots effort to check the harm Trump is threatening to unleash. Cities, states and private industries are moving forward to reduce and eliminate their carbon footprints. We have innovators like Greentown Labs incubating a whole new generation of cleantech startups that can give us both a stable climate and a robust economy.

So don’t take this executive order sitting down. Get up and get motivated. The planet needs you.

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