Letter to the Editor:A Letter of Thanks by Katherine Cremin

I am extending my heart felt gratitude and indescribable feelings of love and strength to everyone, every single one of all the beautiful people I have known and have come to know throughout the past twenty two years for the loss of my daughter Deanna Cremin and throughout the last month for the loss of my daughter Christine Cremin. All your thoughtful acts of comfort and support have been such great help to me and to my boys enduring the loss of life untimely, senselessly, violently and tragically.  

I know, no parent should endure what I am. 

I know the love and support shown to me over and over again is truly the Grace of God. I know this in my heart.

I am saying thank you so very much to all of you now. I will always continue to as I have over the past two decades.  

We have one day in our life. Today. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.   
Sincerely, Katherine Cremin

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