Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Joseph NICOLORO (Shoplifting) at Star Market 

On Saturday February 25, 2017 at approximately 1804, I Officer Randy Isaacs along with Officer Pasqualino was dispatched to 15 McGrath HWY (Sav Mor Discount Liquors) for an individual who just shoplifted from the store. While en route dispatch informed us the individual ran to Twin City Shopping Center and is now located inside Star Market. Dispatch also informed us that the suspect is described as a Hispanic male, wearing jeans and a grey t-shirt. Upon arrival I heard and saw a female point and yelling, he’s over there, he’s running by the hockey rink.


        After looking around the area, I saw the same female, who informed me that the individual just ran through the parking lot, behind the Miller River Apartments, at the intersection of Gore St and Lambert St, in Cambridge. While driving down Lambert St, I noticed a male walking at the intersection of Lambert St and Cambridge St, matching the description. The individual was wearing blue jeans and grey t-shirt. Upon approaching the individual, at the intersection of Cambridge St and Fulkerson St, I asked the him to stop and if he had any identification on him. At that point the individual stated, please don’t arrest me, they got the liquor back. The individual was then later identified as Mr. Joseph Nicoloro.


        While conducting a pat down of Mr. Nicoloro to ensure that he did not have any weapons on him he kept on repeating, please don’t arrest me, they got the liquor back, just take me home, and you can call my mother, I live just down the street. Mr. Nicoloro was then advised that he was going to be placed under arrest for Shoplifting. Mobile detention, Unit 200 was dispatched and Mr. Nicoloro was transported to the Somerville Police station to be booked and fingerprinted by Lieutenant Ward.


        After Mr. Nicoloro was transported back to the police station, I went back to Sav Mor Discount Liquors to speak with the store manager. Upon arrival, I was by outside the store, by the same female, who earlier was telling me where the suspect was running. She then identified herself as XXXXX, an employee of the store. XXXXX informed me that the individual took a bottle of Smirnoff vodka, valued at $20.00 from the store and ran out the store. It was at that time, she and another employee started chasing the defendant. XXXXX then stated that while chasing the individual, he dropped the bottle of vodka, which the other employee had picked up.



Respectfully Submitted


Officer Randy Isaacs


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