Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Yolanda BARROS (Conspiracy & RSP) & Dante GOMES (Conspiracy & RSP)

On January 25, 2017 at around 7 p.m., Somerville Police received a call from a XXXXX regarding some activity with his girlfriend’s stolen cell phone and passport. XXXXX’s girlfriend is a female named YYYYY. Her cell phone and passport had been stolen at a nightclub in Boston known as Sissy K’s (4 Commercial Street, Boston) on January 22nd, 2017. The incident was reported to Boston Police.


At the time, XXXXX immediately began communicating with the person in possession of the stolen phone via text messages, desperately trying to recover YYYYY’s passport. During their conversation, he agreed to give the unidentified individual six hundred dollars to return the passport. The individual’s response was “I won’t give back if you don’t have $600 Or if you bring the police She will have to stay in the US”. He also says ” I will have someone meet you for the $ & you’ll get the phone Passport+ No cash no Passport”.


XXXXX texted the individual on Sunday (1/22) and Monday(1/23) and stopped for a day. On January 25, 2017 they resumed the conversation and agreed to meet at the McDonald’s located at 14 McGrath Highway in Somerville. The individual texted the photo of the passport to XXXXX for affirmation. As previously noted, XXXXX called the police prior to meeting the individual (s).


In an effort to identify the individual (s), Somerville Detectives Fernando Cicerone, Jason Costa, Doug Brioso and I all sat at strategic locations around the McDonald’s and awaited for the suspect (s) to arrive. Moments later, XXXXX received instructions on his cell phone to exit the McDonald’s and meet the individual outside.


XXXXX met a female later identified as Yolanda Barros in front of the Gold’s Gym three stores down from the McDonald’s. He gave her six one hundred bills and she handed him the stolen passport. Detectives Costa and Cicerone had observed Yolanda exit a nearby gray BMW. After the exchange, the driver of the vehicle quickly exited its parking spot and attempted to leave the area. He was identified as Dante Gomes.


Detectives Brioso and Costa stopped the BMW while Cicerone and I detained Yolanda Barros. She said that she didn’t do anything wrong and that she was “returning a passport for her friend”. Ms. Barros was handcuffed and was read the Miranda warnings. She promptly invoked her rights to counsel and refused to speak further. I retrieved the six hundred dollars from her hands and confiscated it as evidence.


I approached Dante Gomes in the driver’s seat and prior to being spoken to, he questioned me as to why he was being stopped and said ” I’m just here to return a passport to someone”. A third passenger was also seated in the rear passenger side of the BMW. He was identified as ZZZZZ.


It should be noted Mr. Gomes had two cell phones on the front passenger seat of the vehicle, one of which had a photo of a Brazilian passport displayed on the lit screen. The phone in question was an Iphone 5. Mr. Gomes was promptly given an exit order and placed in custody. The vehicle was towed to Pat’s towing incident to arrest. ZZZZZ claimed no involvement and was sent on his way.


Based on the circumstances, both defendants were transported to Somerville Police headquarters and charged with the crimes of Conspiracy (CH 274S 7) and Receiving Stolen Property over $250 (CH 266S 60/A). They were later booked by the Officer in Command, Lieutenant Alfred Rymill. They had possession of the stolen passport and cell phone and deliberately attempted to deprive XXXXX of money for items they knew were stolen.


As a final note, the passport and the six hundred dollars were photographed and returned to the XXXXX. End


Respectfully submitted,


Detective Jonathan Thermidor, Badge #240


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