By Bob Katzen 


   House 157-0, Senate 38-0, approved a new law that repeals a 1989 law that required anyone convicted of a non-violent drug crime to have his or her license suspended, regardless of whether the crime itself involved driving a vehicle. The new law does allow automatic license suspension for anyone convicted of trafficking in illegal drugs, except for marijuana. The new law is retroactive and applies to all people who are without a license because of the 1989 law.

   Supporters said 1989 law is outdated, illogical and counterproductive because it prevents many offenders from driving to work, getting ta new job, driving their children to school, traveling to a doctor and using their car for the things necessary in day-to-day life.


  (A “Yes” vote is for the new law.)

 Rep. Christine Barber Yes Rep. Denise Provost Yes Rep. Timothy Toomey Yes Sen. Patricia Jehlen Yes  

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