Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Victor SIMMONS (Malicious Damage to Motor Vehicle)

On 09/24/2016, I Officer Christopher Collette was assigned to Somerville marked unit East Four. At approximately 15:29 hours I was dispatched to an assault and motor vehicle vandalism at 10 Sewall St. Officer Gee and Officer Rivera responded as well. While en route Somerville Control advised responding units that an individual was actively breaking car windows on Sewall St. Once on scene I observed a gray sedan parked in front of 10 Sewall St. The rear windshield and both passenger side windows (front and rear) of this vehicle had been destroyed. XXXXX, the registered owner was on scene. I asked him who had damaged his vehicle and he pointed to Victor Simmons. As I looked over to Mr. Simmons, he nodded and admitted to destroying the windows. Mr. Simmons stated that prior to my arrival; he was in front of 10 Sewall St. and on the phone with a female. XXXXX was walking by and thought Mr. Simmons’ phone conversation was actually directed at him. XXXXX than began to instigate a fight with Mr. Simmons, where he punched Mr. Simmons in the face. I observed blood on Mr. Simmons’ face however he declined medical attention. MR. Simmons went on to state that he broke the windows in XXXXX’s vehicle after XXXXX had punched him in the face. He also stated that XXXXX constantly pesters him.

        XXXXX stated that prior to my arrival he observed Mr. Simmons outside of 10 Sewall St. Mr. Simmons began to verbally accost XXXXX. The two exchanged words and Mr. Simmons shoved XXXXX. XXXXX then punched Mr. Simmons in the face. The two parted ways and Mr. Simmons then destroyed several windows on XXXXX’s car.

        I placed Mr. Simmons under arrest for malicious damage to a motor vehicle 266/28/D.

        Respectfully submitted,


            Patrolman Christopher Collette, B#302


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