Real Life Somerville Police Stories:John CATER (Trafficking Heroin, PWID Class B, Conspiracy) & Jean WELCH (Trafficking Heroin, PWID Class B, Conspiracy & Warrants)

Members of the New England Field Division Drug Enforcement Administration Task Force One in collaboration with the Somerville Police Department Drug Control Unit have been conducting an ongoing narcotic investigation of the above named defendants John Cater, Jean Welch along with their alleged criminal associate XXXXX. This drug investigation was initiated upon the cultivation of intelligence from a confidential source regarding the ongoing Heroin and Crack Cocaine distribution operation purportedly stemming from defendant Cater’s residence located at 82 Mt. Vernon St. Somerville MA. Apartment # 1. At the culmination of the aforementioned drug investigation a search warrant application was presented before the Somerville District Court seeking authorization to search the person of XXXXX, John Cater place of residence located at 82 Mt. Vernon St. Somerville, MA Apartment #1 and a 2010 Mercedes Benz. The requested search warrant applications were subsequently approved and issued by the Somerville District Court authorizing the search.


        During the morning of September 23, 2016 at the direction of the commander of the Somerville Police Department Criminal Investigation Division Captain Michael Cabral, a surveillance was established at the target residence and adjacent vicinity by members of the NEFD Task Force One in partnership with the Somerville Police Department. The afore said surveillance was inaugurated in anticipation of the execution of the above referenced search warrants. At the commencing of the surveillance, Detective Douglas Brioso (Somerville PD) and Detective Sergeant Leo Sacco (NEFD Task Force One / Medford PD) espied XXXXX departing from the area operating the 2010 Mercedes Benz. A rolling surveillance was then maintained as XXXXX travelled to a residential address located in the City of Boston. In alliance and with the assistance of members of the Boston Police Department Drug Control Unit, XXXXX was stopped once he, XXXXX, exited from his motor vehicle. A search of XXXXX person and motor vehicle was conducted yielded negative results for illegal drugs and/or contraband. However two cellular telephones and a notepad perceived as containing drug records were found and seized from the motor vehicle. At this time XXXXX was placed into custody for a motor vehicle infraction by members of the Boston Police Department. 


        Pursuant to the arrest of XXXXX, the search warrant authorizing the search of the residence located at 82 Mt. Vernon Somerville, MA. Apartment #1 (basement), was executed. Upon entry into the residence, defendant Jean Welch was located in the front living room area and the defendant John Cater was found in a rear bedroom. Once both defendants were secured, drug detection canine units from the Massachusetts State Police, Malden Police Department and Everett Police Department conducted a canine sweep/search of the apartment. At the conclusion of the canine search, a physical search of the residence was conducted by law enforcement personnel.


        As a result of this search, a backpack containing 6 clear glassine bags containing a brown powder substance believed to be Heroin (preliminary weight 24 grams) , a clear plastic bag containing a white powder substance believed to be Cocaine (preliminary weight 1 gram), packaging materials commonly utilized by those involved in the illegal drug trade (3 Boxes of glassine sandwich style bags), a handheld digital scale, scissors and a drug ledger were found and seized. The afore referenced backpack was located a short distance from where the defendant Welch was located in the front living room.


        In the interest of the defendants self preservation, defendant Welch and defendant Cater were advised of their constitutional rights pursuant to Miranda by this investigator. In turn, both defendants acknowledged receiving and understanding their Miranda warnings. I would note that both defendants were receptive to verbal inquiry and volunteered responses to numerous questions posed to them. Both defendants made statements against their penal interest admitting their role in the drug distribution operation originating from the target residence. Defendants Welch and Cater admitted to conducting narcotic sales at the direction and behest of XXXXX. In addition, Welch and Cater implicated XXXXX stating the backpack found and seized and the contents/contraband therein, were the ownership of XXXXX. Both defendants made additional incriminating statements in regard to their role in the criminal operation.


        At the conclusion of the search of the residence, both defendants were transported to the Somerville Police Department for booking and processing.


Respectfully submitted,



Inspector James P. Hyde #137

Somerville Police Department


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