Microburst Storm Downs Trees In Somerville 

By William Tauro 
A microburst ripped through Somerville late Tuesday afternoon causing multiple trees to fall around the city. 

One large tree fell in Union Square in front of the Buk Kyung Korean Restaurant  blocking their entrance. 

Multiple trees and limbs also fell behind the Properzi Manner Apartment building that’s located on Warren Avenue. 

Another large tree fell on Walnut Street blocking the street. 

A home addition also collapsed on Cross Street in Somerville as well.  

7 thoughts on “Microburst Storm Downs Trees In Somerville ”

    1. Just try to get the city to trim/prune their trees…Eversource has to do it because they are near power lines; Eversource can’t do it because they can’t go on private property…so nothing gets done!

    2. Agreed! We had two fall over on sidewalks a few years ago due to a storm. But when the alderman sent the trucks to do some pruning months after, the beautiful people objected because they claimed cutting trees is bad for the environment and ruins the esthetic appeal of their imaginary home owners association aka our old neighborhood.

      So that’s why the city won’t prune sidewalk trees.

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