Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Aaron GOLDMAN (OUI Liquor, VCO – Knife)

I, Officer Michael Marra, report the following summary of events based on direct and indirect interview with the persons named.


On Thursday September 15, 2016, I, Officer Marra, was in full-uniform and assigned to marked cruiser 872, patrolling area E2, for the Somerville Police Department. Riding with me was Officer Ramirez #259. At approximately 2:10 a.m. we were dispatched to 14 Moreland Street, a public way in the City of Somerville for a reported motor vehicle accident.


Upon arrival Units E1 Bork and E4 Diaz were already on scene. I observed a Jeep Wrangler (MA Reg: XXXXX) in the roadway with significant damage to the front right wheel and fender. The vehicle appeared to have made contact with a Toyota Corolla (MA Reg: YYYYY) which was parked and secured on the side of the roadway. The Corolla suffered significant damage to the left rear fender. As a result of the Wrangler striking the Corolla, the Corolla made contact with the rear bumper of a Ford F-150 (MA Reg: ZZZZZ) which was parked and secured in the space directly in front of it. The F-150 suffered minor damage. Photos of the scene are attached.


The driver of the Jeep Wrangler, identified as Aaron J. Goldman had exited the vehicle. Officer Bork stated to me that when she arrived on scene she observed Goldman unsteady on his feet walking away from the scene of the accident. She then confirmed that he was the driver of the Jeep Wrangler. Bork offered medical attention to Goldman, which he declined.


I spoke with Goldman and asked him what caused him to make contact with the parked vehicle. Goldman stated that his attention was taken away from the road as he attempted to light a cigarette and then struck the parked vehicle. I noticed Goldman to be unsteady on his feet and speaking in a slow, lethargic manner. I observed Goldmans eyes to be glassy and could detect an odor of an intoxicating beverage emanating from his person.


I informed Goldman that I would be conducting Standardized Field Sobriety Tests and he declined the tests. At this time I placed Goldman into custody for Operating under the Influence of Liquor. Goldman was placed into handcuffs which were double locked and checked for tightness. Goldman was searched for weapons, at which time I recovered a 2.5 inch spring assisted folding knife from his right front pocket. No other weapons or contraband was found on his person.


The Wrangler and Corolla were towed from the scene; E4 Diaz made notification to the owner of the Corolla and the F-150.


Goldman was transported back to the station by Unit 200 and booked by Lt. Lavey. During the booking process Goldman declined to take an Alcohol Breath Test. A check of Goldman’s Criminal history revealed that he was charged with Operating under the Influence of Liquor in 2008. Goldman will be charged with the following:


        MGL Chapter 90 Section 24K OUI Liquor, 2nd Offense





Respectfully submitted,



Officer Michael Marra #338


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