Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Miguel LEMUS (Deface Property)

On Sunday, September 18, 2016, at 1:10 AM, while operating marked cruiser 781, I was dispatched to 5X Pearl Street for a report of vandalism. The reporting party stated that the suspect was outside. Officer Lorenti, operating marked cruiser 784, was also sent as my backup.


Upon our arrival I observed a male on the ground with a female holding him down. At this time I separated the two individuals and asked what was going on. XXXXX stated to me via her son for translation this male party broke her window. She said that her and her boyfriend YYYYY were in the room and heard the window break she ran outside and observed this male party, identified as Mr. Miguel Lemus, running down the stairs. Once she caught up to Mr. Lemus she tackled him to the ground and called the police. She also told me that she has also reported another incident where the same window had been broken but no suspect was located. ( Refer to incident # 16055825) When asked if she knew Mr. Lemus, she said that he lives across the street and used to live in the building. He also threatened YYYYY in the past on a separate occasion, stating that he would be sorry for dating XXXXX.


When I spoke to Mr. Lemus, with the help of Officer Ramirez for translation, he told me that he was drunk and broke the window. I could see that Mr. Lemus had a small laceration to his left hand on his knuckles, which is consistent with punching a window. Mr. Lemus did not have an explanation of why he was on the property. I would like to note that to reach the window that was broken, a guest would have to open a gate and climb about six steps to reach the window.


Pictures of Mr. Lemus laceration and the broken window will be attached to this report.


Mr. Miguel Lemus was placed in handcuffs without incident and transported to Somerville Police headquarters via unit 200 and booked by Lt. Lavey. He will be charged with the following.


– 266/126A – Malicious defacement of property.



Respectfully submitted,



Officer Joseph Moreira

Somerville Police Department

Patrolman #320

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