Shooting in Somerville

Photos by Josh Furtado 
At 1:50PM, a 26 year old Malden resident was located at Broadway and Grant Street suffering from one gunshot wound to the hip. Victim transported to MGH with non-life threatening injury. Area searched and incident under investigation. No additional information available at this time.

2 thoughts on “Shooting in Somerville”

  1. Has any additional information been released? As a parent to two children enrolled at Elizabeth Peabody House, I find the lack of ANY additional information about this shooting concerning.

  2. My family recently moved away from that area 3 months ago, however my best friend is a teacher at Peabody House and living in Fitchburg I did not know of the event until she told me.I was driving into work yesterday and she told me of the shooting and that she had been outside a bit before that, all I could think of was I couldve lost my best friend and cried all the way to work.Someville was my home I hope nothing like this happens again .Thank God the kids were ok, and staff and everyone around. Pray for PEACE

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