Real Life Somerville Police Stories :Wilfredo CRUZ (Resisting Arrest, Larceny, Receive Stolen Property) & James JACKSON (Larceny, Receive Stolen Property) Shoplifting at Assembly Row


On 5/9/16 at approximately 3:42pm, I was informed that Nike had two individuals attempt to shoplift from their store. 


Upon arrival, I met with the manager, XXXXX. XXXXX stated that he had observed two males conceal two pairs of sneakers in a bag. Staff confronted the two males and were able to get their merchandise back. The two men then left the store with one of them yelling that he had money and wasn’t broke. I immediately went to check the cameras at Nike with the other manager YYYYY, and saw a picture of one of the suspects, later identified as Mr Wilfredo Cruz. He was a black male wearing a grey t-shirt and a black coat.


At this time, I was sent a picture of one of two males that had just taken two pairs of socks from Sports Authority by loss prevention specialist ZZZZZ. I would like to note that the photo that was sent to me was the same man that I was looking at in front of the cameras at Nike. ZZZZZ and AAAAA observed Mr. Cruz conceal the socks in a bag, while the other man, later identified as Mr. James Jackson held the bag open for Mr. Cruz. The socks total value was $44. The two then left the store at approximately 3:47pm. ZZZZZ and AAAAA observed the men get into a silver Toyota Scion which came back to Mr. James Jackson. They were able to follow the Scion at a distance to where it parked in front of Pendleton located at 520 Assembly Row. I left Nike and headed over to the area and was able to locate the motor vehicle unoccupied. Mr. Cruz and Mr. Jackson were located in Adidas and I called in to dispatch for backup. 


I was waiting outside when Mr. Cruz came out with a TJ Maxx bag in his hand. Mr. Cruz looked at me and started to back away. I told Mr. Cruz that he needed to come talk to me and not to run. He then dropped the TJ Maxx bag and ran across the street. I was able to catch up to him while yelling for him to stop running. I was able to detain him by applying a control technique to help guide him to the ground. I yelled at him to put his hands behind his back and to stop resisting. He yelled that he wasn’t resisting but still was refusing to let me put him in handcuffs. BBBBB, who was a concerned citizen, helped me get Mr. Cruz into handcuffs. Mr. Jackson was taken into custody without incident.


Two pairs of sneakers were recovered from the TJ Maxx bag that Mr. Cruz dropped with the security sensors still on them from Adidas. I spoke with the manager, CCCCCC who saw Mr. Cruz run out of the store with the bag in his hand, and then watched Mr. Jackson leave soon after.


Mr. Jackson had a pair of pliers that were hanging out of the back pocket of his pants that were confiscated. He asked me to lock his car up for him before leaving. Mr. Cruz asked me if I could retrieve all of his medication from the car for him as he is a diabetic. I was able to get Mr. Cruz’s medication that was in the back of the car and confiscated five bottles of medication that did not have his name on it. In the back of the car, in plain view was another TJ Maxx bag next to the back with Mr. Cruz’s medication in it. In the TJ Maxx bag were fourteen bottles of cologne from TJ Maxx with no receipt. Those were also confiscated and returned back to TJ Maxx. Mr. Jackson’s car was secured and left in the parking spot where he had parked it.


I conducted a follow up at TJ Maxx and spoke with loss prevention agent, DDDDD. DDDDD confirmed that both Mr. Cruz and Mr. Jackson were in the store and observed Mr. Jackson grab TJ Maxx reusable bags and saw them both at the fragrance section. She was unable to see either of them take the fragrances but they left the store at approximately 3:35pm each with a bag in their hands that they did not have when they came in.


Mr. Jackson was placed under arrest for Larceny under $250 and Receiving Stolen Property over $250. Mr. Cruz was placed under arrest for Larceny under $250, Receiving Stolen Property over $250, and Resisting Arrest. They were transported together in unit 200 and were booked in the usual manner by Lt. Digrigorio.


Respectfully submitted,


Ofc. Sousa



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