Letter to the Editor:KKK Meeting Reported in Somerville

Please note:File footage

 I am writing this letter out of disgust for very bad things that are going on in this city. 

This past Thursday night at around 11:30pm while out walking my dog I noticed three men walking down the lower Broadway area of Somerville wearing KKK outfits. 

When I passed by them with my dog I asked them “what are you doing and why are you three dressed like that?” Their reply was “We are just returning from a meeting where we were just baptized into an organization and now we’re going into this house and party and besides we can wear whatever the F&@# we want!”

I immediately returned to my front door in fear and noticed that my neighbor across the street who apparently saw the same thing ran into his home as well while shaking his head in discust slamming his door behind him. 

I don’t know what’s going on or what this city is coming too nor where these new people are coming from but I think I had enough of it and its time to do something about it or move!



A concerned citizen
Note:File footage
Note: The Somerville Police Department confirmed receiving a call about 12 AM that morning regarding the same. 

30 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor:KKK Meeting Reported in Somerville”

  1. Two commentors said something about a connection between KKK and yuppies. I don’t understand. Whaddaya mean?

  2. Racism is a mental illness. It is unfortunate that so many people have been led by family or unfortunate personal experiences to blame the melanin levels in human skin for whatever malady/turmoil personal issues/upsets/angers & personal problems. To blame melanin & exact revenge & all anger on melanin is an imbalanced emotional state to be in. This is intolerable. Our society is much too educated at this point to go ahead & tolerate this sort of behavior. I expect the Boston/Somerville/Massachusettes police & authorities to do their jobs as educated members of society & make certain to do their absolute best to curb the rising of such fear mongering & hatred.

    1. While I’m certainly against racism and judging anyone on based on their skin color, my concern is your blame on mental illness. Society has gone overboard with placing the blame on that instead of just poor decisions, lack of education or just bad persona. This isn’t a mental illness…these are just bad people.

  3. Why is this a surprise to people? The kkk has been active here for years. Take the blindfolds off people.. they are walking tall and proud because of the black panthers and BLM movement. They are scared.

  4. to bad I havent ran into these clowns last time they’d be seen, Ill bury them where they stand, agree with joe yuppes get lost sickens me what my citys become smh

  5. Does anyone have more information about the area they were seen in?

    What street was this on? What direction were they coming/going?

  6. Yeah…I think it’s time for you to move. We don’t need any more yuppie fucks like you in our city.

      1. Show me ONE instance of ANY Black organization Lynching, raping, murdering, burning white homes, killing white fathers, demonstrate that.

        Black panthers sought to DEFEND THEMSELVES from a 350 year Hatred taken as normalcy and supported, passed down and even to this DAY, free to walk and practice

  7. Ending your comments with “if don’t believe this or agree with me than you are…” and threatening violence is evidence of just how educated and righteous you are. It is people like you that set the movement back. You are a disgrace. Why don’t you do everyone a favor, especially those who work to progress this movement, and hold your tongue next time you think you have an intelligent thought.

  8. (before i start, im a black man from NJ living in BOSTON) please stfu with that black lives matter shit, because way to many people are being killed everywhere else in the world for those numbers to matter anywhere but the US. If BLM was global maybe, but im more than sure it’s not gonna work and just morph into a fake ass shell of its former self. also it is a free country to do what you please as long as it’s not hurting anyBODY, not enough of your fellow Americans give a fuck about your feelings. and plz remember this next time your feelings are hurt. lol

    P.s. I do mean that as “lots of love”, I’m not a douche.

  9. Somerville used to have a gang called Notre Dame stood for Niggers Die…. Nothing new… Only reason Black lives Matter idiot, is because there is a clear abuse of the value of black life; that don’t exist in overall society… So you have to emphasize the matter, so that it matters then it will truly be all lives matter…

  10. For the ridiculous naysayers: this is real. Whilst I was a student at SHS in 2006 or 2007, a neo-Nazo rally was held within the school during one of our vacations. If you don’t believe this, then you are delusional and a sad indictment of the sorry excuse of the individuals now living in our city.

  11. Please don’t consider all of us “newcomers” as bad people. I love this city and purchased property here because I could afford it more than other areas around Somerville. I strive to uphold my end of the bargain of purchasing here by upkeep of my property and getting to know my neighbors. I am not a bad person and am not bringing down the city. Those that are doing things as described in this article are not “me”. Please don’t generalize nor label. Call those out who are the culprits.

  12. I witnessed it two there to many things going on in the city try stilling awake at night it you’ll see thing that happen in this city is going to hell in a hand basket as my mom always says

  13. This article is garbage. Nice picture, that was definitely taken this weekend. This person probably sae someone in a white canada goose jacket but thats about it. Give me a break!

  14. From the way the rents are rising or turning into condos its amazing how anyone can still live is Somerville. The other day I walked down Vinal Ave and in the middle of the Street on my left hand side was a house with a sign ‘Black Lives matter” ..what’s that about? And the dumbest thing I ever saw was the big sign on City Hall “BLACK LIVES MATTER’… It should not be hanging there because ALL LIVES MATTER, regardless of what color skin people have. And the Mayor should not of had it hanging there.

    1. As a born and bred Villen I can gladly say: go fuck yoursef and get out of our city, Brenda Mosher! Black lives are what are under constant attack, not you and your lily-white ass. If those signs are really the biggest of your concern then you are long overdue for a reality check and also a beatdown.

    2. smh… one should definitely educate themselves on that movement before spewing uneducated comments at it. the fact that people are still ignorant enough to say “all lives matter” is incredible..

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