Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Philip DECAREAU (Disorderly Conduct)


On Wednesday, March 02, 2016, I was in uniform and assigned as the Somerville Police Court Liaison. At approximately 10:21 AM, I received a call in my office from Court Officer (CO) XXXXX who advised me that Chief Court Officer (CC0) YYYYY requested my assistance with handling an intoxicated male.


CO XXXXX directed me to the hallway located outside the Jury Room. I responded and observed CCO YYYYY, Court Officer (CO) ZZZZZ and Somerville Police Officer (PO) Samir Messaoudi speaking with a male party later identified as the defendant, Philip DECAREAU. As I approached Mr. DECAREAU, I detected the odor of an alcoholic beverage emitting from his breath and person and noted he appeared to be impaired.


PO Messaoudi advised me that during his interactions with Mr. DECAREAU, Mr. DECAREAU was loud, uncooperative and argumentative. PO Messaoudi further informed me that Mr. DECAREAU refused to leave after having been asked several times.


I learned from CCO YYYYY that Mr. DECAREAU caused a disturbance at the public entrance. Associate Court Officer (ACO) AAAAA reported that Mr. DECAREAU interfered with the security screening process. Furthermore, when ACO AAAAA attempted to speak Mr. DECAREAU about his actions, Mr. DECAREAU used profanity and became verbally abusive.  


Mr. DECAREAU began to walk around the building and was located in a restricted area utilized for picking up and receiving prisoners. CCO YYYYY, Co ZZZZZ and PO Messaoudi escorted him to the hallway outside the jury room where he continued to be uncooperative.    


I spoke briefly with Mr. DECAREAU and learned he did have court business. However, due to his behavior and impaired condition I felt he would continue to be a disruption and placed him under arrest for Disorderly Conduct. 


Mr. DECAREAU was escorted by PO Messaoudi and myself to the Court House Lock-Up and subsequently transported via Police Wagon to the Somerville Police Department for booking.



Respectfully Submitted,



Officer Michael D Brown


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