Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Niles VIBERT (Poss. Dangerous Weapon, Poss. to Dist. Class E, Resisting Arrest)

   On 02/29/2016 at approximately 6:45pm while on routine patrol of the Mystic River development, SHA Investigators observed several youth smoking in the hallway of 10B Memorial Rd.

    The Somerville Housing Authority has recently had continuous issues with youths smoking, drinking and drug transactions in this hallway to which we have received numerous complaints for.

     Investigator Brown and Granitsas entered the hallway to find 3 unknown males standing next to the rear door. One of them was smoking a cigarette in the building which is both a City Ordinance and SHA policy violation.

     As Investigators approached these individuals they all began to turn away from us placing their hands in and out of their pants and jacket pockets.

     Investigator Granitsas gave me a head nod to get my attention and he mouthed “he has a knife in his pocket” to me. Investigator Granitsas made a head motion in the direction of the individual to my right known to us as Niles Vibert of 47 Freemont Street Somerville, Ma.

     I clearly observed the clip of the knife affixed to his front right pocket which is a violation of City of Somerville Knife Ordinance.

     For officers safety I ask Mr. Vibert to keep his hands out of his pockets and place them on the wall for me but he refused by reaching in and out of his jacket and Pants pockets. I asked him for a second time to keep his hands out of his pockets but he continued to turn to his body away from me in both directions.

     My Partner Investigator Granitsas was able to quickly snatch the knife out of Mr. Vibert’s pocket which yielded a folding knife with a blade over 3 inches long (the City ordinance is any blade over 2 and 1 half inches long).

      At this point, fearing for our safety and not knowing if he had more weapons Investigators attempted to place him into handcuffs but he continued to resist by pulling his hands away from ours.

       After a brief struggle we were able to place Mr. Vibert into handcuffs and place him under arrest for the City knife ordinance violation. While doing a pat frisk of Mr. Vibert incident to arrest, I found 2 separate clear glassine baggies containing several pills inside of each bag inside his front coin pocket.

       By this time Somerville Officer Devin Schneider who was assigned to car E-4 arrived to back us up. I turned to him and asked him if he knew what these pills were and he advised me that they were Xanax, a class E prescription drug.

      I called for Somerville Police SGT. Mike Capasso to come and assist us to verify the controlled substance and he also described them as being Xanax pills.

       Also found in the pat frisk incident to arrest in Mr. Viberts front right pocket was $130.00 dollars in U. S. currency which we believe was monies derived from the sales of Narcotics.

       When asked where he worked Mr. Vibert stated that he did not work at this time. When asked where he got the $130.00 dollars in his pocket he just said that he was going to buy a belt.

       From the totality of this incident, I believe that Mr. Vibert was Distributing the Xanax that was in his possession for the following reasons.

      We Observed him with 2 other males none of whom live in the Mystic River development including Mr. Vibert hanging out in a hallway where we have been having drug activity complaints.

      Mr. Vibert had the Xanax pills packaged separately in 2 separate plastic baggies common to street level drug transactions.

      Mr. Vibert had a weapon, ie a folding knife with a blade over 2 and 1 half inches long in his possession which is common to street level drug activity due to the dealer believing he is target for being robbed by drug seeking individuals for his drugs and or money’s derived there from.

     Mr. Niles Vibert was transported to the Somerville Police station by SPD unit-200 where he was booked in the usual manner.


     Mr. Vibert is being charged with the following:


1-9/96=Violation of City Ordinance, knife with the blade over 2 and 1 half inches long.

2-268/32B=Resisting Arrest.

3-94C/32D/C=Possession with Intent to Distribute class E.


Mr. Niles Vibert was served a No Trespass order in hand at the SPD to stay away from all SHA owned properties.


Respectfully submitted


Sean Browne-Investigator

Somerville Housing Police

Badge #919


Reporting Officer


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