Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Eric NEAL (Conspiracy, RSP, Larceny & Boston, Everett, Malden, Lynn Warrants)Shoplifting at Sports Authority Assembly Row

On Tuesday, January 19, 2016 at 5:55 P.M., I received a call from Sports Authority loss prevention agent, XXXXX, regarding a male shoplifter in the store.


I responded to Sports Authority and observed XXXXX attempting to stop a man carrying a large shopping bag outside the store. The unidentified man ignored XXXXX, dropped the shopping bag, and began running west towards Grand Union Blvd.


I informed Somerville Police Control of my location and after a short foot pursuit I was able to stop the man near 700 Grand Union Blvd. Sergeant Kennelly arrived on scene and assisted me with placing the defendant in handcuffs.


The defendant identified himself as Eric Moore. I queried the name and D.O.B and was unable to find any record under that name. I asked the defendant for his social security number and he provided me a false social security number.


I informed the defendant that he was under arrest and requested the wagon (unit 200). Officer Bork responded to the scene and as she was placing the defendant in the wagon, he complained of chest pain. Officer Bork requested an ambulance. Somerville Fire and Cataldo ambulance responded to the scene. The defendant was evaluated by the EMTs and refused further medical attention. He was transported to the Somerville Police Headquarters via unit 200.


I proceeded to Sports Authority for a follow-up along with Officer C. Collette and was informed by Loss Prevention agent YYYYY that the defendant came into the store with two other men. One man was being detained in the Loss prevention office


I identified the man as ZZZZZ. I was also informed by YYYYY and XXXXX that they observed the defendant select the jacket and hand it over to ZZZZZ. The defendant entered the fitting room and ZZZZZ followed him and handed him the jacket. The defendant then exited the fitting room with the jacket in his bag and left the store.


ZZZZZ had a shopping bag which contained two “Banana Republic” sweaters (total value $92.98). I asked him if he had a receipt for the merchandise and he stated that someone gave it to him. I placed ZZZZZ in handcuffs and he immediately started complaining of chest pain. I removed the handcuffs off ZZZZZ and Officer Collette requested an ambulance. ZZZZZ was evaluated and transported to Boston Medical Center.


I informed ZZZZZ that I would be filing a criminal complaint against him for Larceny Over $250, Conspiracy, and Receiving Stolen Property.


I recovered one “North Face” jacket (value $339.69) and two “Banana Republic” sweaters ($144.98) from the defendant’s bag. I was informed by YYYYY that the “North Face” jacket had two security sensors attached to it when a store employee handed it to the defendant. The sensors were missing when I recovered the jacket and the defendant had two sets of nail clippers in his right pant pocket. These heavy duty clippers are commonly used to cut the sensors.


During the booking process, the defendant was identified as Eric Neal. I queried the defendant’s name and found six outstanding warrants for his arrest.


Mr. Neal was charged with Larceny over $250, Conspiracy, Receiving Stolen Property and deactivation or removal of theft detection shielding device.


Respectfully submitted, 


Officer Samir Messaoudi


Somerville Police Dept.

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