Republicans are not the enemy by Joe Curtatone 

 I understand Hillary Clinton has a long, complicated history with Congressional Republicans, but she is running to be President of the United States of America. I’d like to stress the “United” part of that title. The President has to serve the entire nation, just like a Governor has to serve an entire state and a mayor has to serve an entire city.
If Secretary Clinton wins the Democratic nomination and then the Presidency, she will be able to accomplish very little if she cannot find a way to work with the Republicans in Congress. I understand we’ve gone through a particularly entrenched period of American politics in recent years, but I believe that if the Republicans fail to win the White House for the 3rd straight time, their party will need to offer up more than opposition for opposition’s sake.
As Martin 0’Malley touched upon in his closing remarks, our old fights are disappearing. We need a President who can reach across the aisle and respectfully win the arguments that arise. Us vs. them doesn’t work when they are really us.

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