Most licensees in compliance; 4 establishments cited for selling to minors.
SOMERVILLE – An undercover check to ensure local liquor stores are not selling to minors was successfully carried out recently as the Somerville Office of Prevention (SOP) and the Somerville Police Department teamed up to conduct a minimum age alcoholic beverage purchase law compliance check in Somerville, announced Somerville Cares About Prevention (SCAP) Director Cory Mashburn. 


The undercover check of 24 liquor stores took place on the evening of June 16, 2015, with three Somerville Police officers, SOP staff, and underage teenagers participating in this recurring program in Somerville. Participating teenagers received training on how to help police conduct the alcohol compliance checks, and were given a breathalyzer test before the start of the operation and again after the evening was over. The teams target package stores, bars and restaurants that had “all-forms” liquor licenses. 


While most stores were found to be in compliance, four licensees were cited for selling alcohol to a minor and were given a violation notice to appear before the License Commission. 


“We organize these checks regularly to remind both licensees and our community at large how serious we are about strict enforcement,” said Mashburn. “The results show us there is still work to do in the world of prevention around access to alcohol. The majority of licensees during this compliance check demonstrated that carding those who try to purchase alcohol in Somerville is a top priority and we commend them for upholding the law and putting the safety of our youth first. Violators should be warned however that we will be back.”


The SPD and SCAP are coordinating their efforts in an ongoing effort to increase the number of minimum age purchase law compliance checks conducted throughout Somerville. For more information, please contact Cory Mashburn, Director, Somerville Office of Prevention, at (617) 625-6600, x2570.  



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