Did Somerville High School Make History on “World Record Day”?


How can high school students leave a legacy at one of Massachusetts’ oldest public schools?

By breaking the world record for “most arm-linked people to stand up simultaneously.”

This past Tuesday, 59 students (from grades 9-12 from Somerville High School; including one senior, Alyssa Hackey, who came back to participate this afternoon before graduating tonight with her SHS Class of 2015 at Tufts University)​ challenged “World Record Day” and showcased themselves to break a world record of 49 people to stand up simultaneously with their arms linked (set by the Glory Global Solutions Management Team in Himeji, Hyogo, Japan).

*The event consisted of video, social media, and word-of-mouth promotional campaigns for four weeks

*It was organized by four student leaders (Flavia Martins-President, Ella Sprick -Vice President, Spencer Pitkin-Secretary , and Anika Kawsar-Treasurer) who wanted to provide a rare, fun experience for the student body to enjoy!

The video/photo documentation will now be sent to the Guinness World Records Headquarters for review. The results will be revealed within a few weeks.

With 1,200 students from 30+ nationalities, Somerville High School “was celebrated outside of our town with this record,” said Martins, class president. “This exciting opportunity could unite our student body even more.”
The event – which consisted of weekly practices, social media campaigns, and documentations – requires all participants to sit on the ground, with their arms-linked to each other, and attempt to stand-up as a circle. If any part of the body touches the ground, or if the link is broken before everyone has stood up, the attempt must restart.


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