Man Arrested in Somerville After Breaking In Daycare and Trying to Take a Child



By William Tauro

On Tuesday morning a man was arrested at 17 Dartmouth Street in Somerville after allegedly breaking into the building then threatening to abduct a random child from the daycare that’s located at that address.

According to sources when Somerville Police arrived at the scene police kicked the door in to retrieve the baby from the suspects arms and ordered the man to the ground after a violent struggle trying to resist arrest then placing the suspect into custody.

This story is still developing…



Somerville Police Report:
Attempted Kidnapping at Daycare Center
At approximately 9:15 a.m., officers were dispatched to 17 Dartmouth Street #2 for a report that a male had kicked the front door open to a daycare and was trying to take a child. The front door of 17 Dartmouth Street was locked, and there was no answer at the door, however, the sounds of screaming and struggling could be heard coming from inside. Forced entry was made.
Backup officers made their way to the second story, and standing at the top of the stairs was a male with a frantic look, later identified as Sandro Corbelli. Corbelli was holding a one-year-old female child. Officers ordered Corbelli to release the child, and he refused to comply. Corbelli had both of his arms around the child in a bear hug. The child was visibly in distress.
After struggling with Corbelli for approximately one minute, officers were able to secure the child from him and tackle him onto the second story landing. A daycare worker took custody of the child and brought her into another room with the rest of the daycare children.
Officers continued to struggle with Corbelli, who refused to comply with Officers orders to stop resisting. At one point in the struggle, Corbelli managed to grab an officer’s gun. A protracted, violent struggle involving five to six officers took place in a narrow hallway on the second floor. In the struggle to subdue him, one officer was injured. Corbelli has been transported to the hospital for evaluation.

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